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Overview of Migrating Apps to the Cloud

More Posted time:Mar 8, 2019 14:36 PM

Web Layer

• One VPC is created and deployed in each region.• The VPC is connected to the Telecom and Unicom data centers belonging to the offline systems through the two SDH special lines.• There are two subnets in the VPC, one public network zone and one administration network.• The ECS in the VPC must be of the SSD type.• SLB is used as the Layer-1 load balancer for providing external access services and the Tengine established on the ECS can be used as the Layer-2 load balancer.
Application Service Layer

SLB + multiple ECS instances replacement +

Alibaba Cloud currently provides P2V and V2V tools that can be used to generate image files for most versions of Windows and Linux. Others custom-based solution.

File Storage Layer

OSSImport2 allows you to quickly migrate file data onto the cloud without storing it on the disk+GUI Database storage layer



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