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Alibaba Cloud Speeds Up IoT Strategy at The Computing Conference

More Posted time:Mar 7, 2019 22:31 PM


unmanned vehicle by Cainiao delivered a parcel from the airship to a user who was waiting in a warehouse on ground level.---"Alibaba Cloud IoT in the Sky." besides unmanned vehicles.....

Cloud computing, AI, and IoT are considered to be three cornerstones for the so called Internet of Beings (IoB).

Alibaba Cloud has developed a series of cooperation projects, including the rollout of the industry's smallest LoRa chip in collaboration with ASR, and a partnership with the broadcasting industry to build an IoT network quickly and at low cost using spectrum resources and IoT whole-link resources.

Alibaba Cloud has also partnered with the Kenyan government to use IoT technology to protect wild animals. The technology can achieve 24-hour monitoring of wildlife information and automatically identify poachers entering protected areas. Xiongan New Area, an economic zone south of Beijing, is developing into a "future city" where transportation, energy, security, and other infrastructure are connected to Alibaba Cloud.

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