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[Share]Many reasons why folks choose Postgesql

More Posted time:Mar 5, 2019 14:08 PM


1.RDS PostgreSQL
RDS PostgreSQL supports chronological data, block range indexes, inverted indexes, multi-core parallel computing, JSON, array storage, OSS_FDW external read/write, and other features.
RDS PostgreSQL solves the problems of OLTP, GIS application, complex query, spatial data processing, multi-dimensional analysis, and cold/hot data separation.
2.HybridDB PostgreSQL
HybridDB PostgreSQL supports array storage, horizontal expansion, block compression, extensive data types, machine learning library, PLPYTHON, PLJAVA, and PLR programming, OSS_FDW external read and write, etc.
It completely solves the issue of computing massive amounts of data.
3.Object Storage Service (OSS)
Data can be shared among multiple RDS instances through OSS_FDW. OSS supports multi-copy, and cross regional replication.
OSS solves the problems of data islands, storing massive data, cross-data-center disaster tolerance, massive data backup, etc.
Writing, sharing, storage, computing......
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