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MPP with Alibaba Cloud HybridDB for PostgreSQL

More Posted time:Mar 5, 2019 12:27 PM

CitusData(now in Microsoft), Redshift, Bigquery, Snowflake...- the so-called MPP based solutions are good. Greenplum has been around for long and is more and more matured MPP. HybridDB for Postgresql remains to be seen.


Alibaba Cloud's HybridDB is one cloud provider that offers a service to run Greenplum and manage tasks such as security and backup. What are the advantages?
Here are a few:

● Autoscaling
● Simplified management
● Isolation of the environment using virtual private clouds
● Exclusive extensions to the Greenplum base implementation, such as JSON and HyperLogLog
● Support of Open Storage Service
● Support of migration tools such as pgsql2pgsql (PostgreSQL to PostgreSQL) or mysql2pgsql (MySQL to PostgreSQL)
● Support for SQL-99, SQL-03, SQL-08 standards
● Support of the Apache MADlib project

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