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[Share]3 surprising advantages of the cloud

More Posted time:Mar 3, 2019 18:10 PM
Interesting read... In fact many more....


Cloud computing saves energy
Cloud computing improves production processes in novel ways
Cloud computing shields businesses from unforeseen disasters

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Posted time:Feb 21, 2020 23:56 PM
To add more to cloud’s importance in the growing IT industry let us check on some of its uses and benefits that it offers to its users.


1.    Cloud Follows Pay for What you Use Model
2.    24/7 Availability and Performance Oriented Infrastructure
3.    Cloud Technology believes in Optimization of Existing Resources
4.    Disaster Recovery Plan Help to Restore Data Quickly on Cloud for migrations such as Migrate GoDaddy email to Office365 or
Migrate G Suite to Office 365
5.    Agile Development on Cloud
6.    Organizations Experience Device Independence
7.    Cloud, Cost-Effective in Nature
8.    SRC (Security, Risk Management and Compliance Management
9.    Downtime and Load Balancing Problems Diminish to a Large Extent