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Private vs. Public Cloud: Which one is right for your business?

More Posted time:Mar 3, 2019 18:02 PM
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Posted time:Mar 28, 2020 21:14 PM
Below are the difference between the three cloud computing deployment services:

Public Cloud has
Low operational cost – In a public cloud, there is no need to buy the hardware or the software, you just need to pay for service.
No maintenance – Your service provider takes care of the maintenance. The customer has restricted visibility and no control over where
the service is hosted.

Scalability – As per the demands, resources are available to fulfil the demands.
High Reliability – A vast network of servers ensure no failure. Public cloud deployments are regularly used to provide web-based
emails such as Office 365 Business essentials, application hosting such as quickboooks enterprise hosting services, Data archival, storage etc.

Private cloud has
More Flexibility – Businesses can customise their cloud environment according to their business requirement.
Better Security – Cloud resources are not shared, so a greater level of control and security is possible.
High Scalability – Private clouds still offer the scalability and competence of a public cloud.Selecting private cloud
makes sense for the organizations that demand strict data privacy levels, strict security, high-performance access to
a file system, demand greater adaptability, configurability, and flexibility etc.