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Alibaba Cloud Launches Dual-mode SSD to Optimize Hyper-scale Infrastructure Performance

More Posted time:Feb 19, 2019 13:57 PM

Dual-mode SSD , a storage device which supports both Open-Channel Mode and native NVMe mode, has been developed by the Alibaba Infrastructure Services team, and an optimal software/hardware integrated solution based on the Dual-mode SSD is currently being deployed to Alibaba's internal servers. It is expected this novel storage system will lead to a 75% reduction in read latency and enhance the overall storage performance of data centers by as many as five times.

We combine in-house SSD hardware with first-hand understanding of applications and use cases, and work closely with business teams to design and optimize the entire I/O stack. The result is a set of hardware/software integrated solutions that are highly optimized for applications in our data center.
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