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Industrial AI - Unlocking Upcoming Opportunities in the Next Five Years

More Posted time:Feb 18, 2019 11:49 AM


Sany's WitSight represents domestically-produced industrial big data cloud platforms. It shows us the application of artificial intelligence (AI) across the industry, including the role played by Industry 4.0 big data cloud platforms such as Sany's Witsight in the "Made in China 2025 plan".

In 2016, Rising Digital began building up its industrial big data cloud platform, WitSight.

Localization vantage of Witsight--->
GE and Siemens have already created the original big data cloud platforms such as Predix and MindSphere respectively, and hold a commanding lead in the industry.

I think Kafka can bre replaced by RocketMQ, Cassandra either by HiTSDB/Table Store/HBase/DRDS/HybridDB(any) and a few other additions to serve IIoT solutions better...
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