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SD-WAN and IPv6 for Effective IoT Deployment

More Posted time:Jan 30, 2019 0:16 AM



Network Limitations for IoT Implementation as shortage of IPv4.

IPv6 provides many innovative functions. For example, it uses a 128-bit Internet address, allowing 2^128 Internet addresses which are sufficient for long-time access to multiple devices.

IPsec is implemented in IPv6 and provides security equivalent to that in IPv4. IPv6 uses data packet as the unit for compiling. It also uses more advanced encryption technologies, such as the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). IPv6 applies IPsec to ICMP to block malicious software.

Also, IPv6 supports the SEND protocol and authenticates hosts using encrypted information, which significantly reduces the possibility of name-based attacks.

IPv6 has sufficient addresses to add IoT devices to the network. However, it is unable to meet the bandwidth-intensive requirement of the IoT solution. In many cases, latency occurs because the network has too much data. But SD-WAN has many advantages, including optimized applications and cloud connection, enhanced security, simplified configuration, and compatibility with any transmission capability that can be used together but compatible with IPv4 during transition.
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