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5 Best Practices for Different Web Application Hosting Scenarios

More Posted time:Jan 15, 2019 16:53 PM



Best Practice #1: Application Hosting with CDN ---CDN fetches original content from OSS and caches the content at edge nodes.

Best Practice #2: Web Application Hosting with Auto Scaling ---Addition or removal of servers managed by Auto Scaling from SLB occurs automatically, making deployment option a genuinely robust setup

Best Practice #3: Web Application Hosting with Higher IO Performance---separate write and read requests into different DB instances. Don't forget to include a memcached layer between the web hosting servers and the DB
   ApsaraDB for Memcache --- online open caching service for high-speed access to queries and data while accessing hotspot data to  reduce stress on DB.
   ApsaraDB for Read-only RDS ---read > write request. ApsaraDB can create replicas of master instances with read-only accounts for RDS in a particular region

Best Practice #4: Web Application Hosting with Multi-DC DR --- servers and database services across multiple DCs or Available Zones
    Complete Automation --- switching the prod env with the DR env
    Full Resource Utilization --system uses resources from the prod env to ensure DR

Best Practice #5: Web Application Hosting with Multi-Region Deployment

Simple and self-explanatory

sample CDN and rest in the link
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