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X-Engine Compaction

More Posted time:Jan 14, 2019 22:12 PM


X-Engine maintains multiple memtables(->immutable) in its memory -> flushing to persistent storage SSTables+ regular compaction+ latest KVs.
Intelligent tiering of data + compression based on temperature. CPU-intensive ops on compaction addressed by VT-tree, bLSM, PE, PCP, and dCompaction for LSM-tree based engine.

Hybrid design , FPGA is integrated as a real co-processor( Host connected to FPGA via PCIe) is used rather than bump-in-the-wire( Not much details n explanation though)

usage of asynchronous hardware device FPGA, rather than the CPU to complete the compaction operation.

Not sure of ECC, CRC , how fast and accurate the back and forth computing . It leads me to think of another design aspect as L0, L1,L2 can engender intensive resource usage.

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