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Redis vs. Memcached: In-Memory Data Storage Systems

More Posted time:Jan 12, 2019 22:51 PM



If you need the cache to support more complicated structures and operations, Redis is a good choice.
Memcached has a higher memory utilization rate for simple key-value storage. But if Redis adopts the hash structure, it will have a higher memory utilization rate than Memcached thanks to its combined compression mode.
Memcached outperforms Redis for storing data of 100k or above. Although Redis has also made some optimizations for storing big data, it is still inferior to Memcached.

When the physical memory is full, Redis may swap values not used for a long time to the disk.- Check Redis in a large website program ????

Although a memory-based store, Redis supports memory data persistence and provides two major persistence policies, RDB snapshot and AOF log. Memcached does not support data persistence operations.

Memcached is a full-memory data buffering system. Although Redis supports data persistence, the full-memory is the essence of its high performance.

Memcached itself does not support distributed mode->You can only achieve the distributed storage of Memcached on the client side through distributed algorithms such as Consistent Hash.

Compared with Memcached which can only achieve distributed storage on the client side, Redis prefers to build distributed storage on the server side
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