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Heterogeneous Computing: Dominated by GPU, FPGA, and ASIC Chips

More Posted time:Jan 12, 2019 14:34 PM
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Quite a number of databases are using GPUs like OmniSci, Kinetica, Blazegraph, BlazingDB, SqreamDB,Brytlyt and few others too,  and quite a number are using FPGAs like  IBM PureData for Analytics especially for HPC, Big data, ML,DL. ASICs-based databases maybe in-house and not sure of CPLD ... The design and choice of CPU-GPU databases are more complex with PCIe traffic . Disk-based solutions may not be a welcoming feature unless a case arises. There are many more features to be delved into to get the best out of the product. The rise of FPGA-product based companies in few countries also shows many signs of demand. Also on the memory side, so many advancements.
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