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[Share]PolarDB, low latency, high thruput, high QoS for database

More Posted time:Jan 11, 2019 14:48 PM

Optane acceleration , NVMe SSD a big bonus. NVMe can handle 65K queues and queue with 65K commands far higher than SATA,SAS. 3DXPOINT will not replace DRAM and its latency is higher. 3 key use cases, including caching, fast storage, and extended memory from optane but it just combines attributes of Memory(~persistent memory) and Storage .

But researches and results on Kilopass VLT, Nantero NRAM(which I think is =DRAM),CBRAM, OxRAM, ReRAM, PCM , MRAM,FeRAM, 4D SK Hynix may slowly seep into the solutions. Byte addressability of NVDIMMs too like N, P can come but size matters.

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