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[Share]Architecture of the PolarDB (Analysis)

More Posted time:Jan 8, 2019 14:05 PM



PolarDB Next-gen relational database based on the cloud computing framework( Now MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Now 25 Gigabit RDMA network connection network and the newest block storage technology

All nodes in an instance, including read/write nodes and read-only nodes, can access the same copy of data on a storage node

Kernel bypass from userspace without dong context switch boosts performance......

PolarDB database kernel is divided into instance roles, which are Primary, StandBy, and Replica. The StandBy and Replica nodes are called as Slave node, and the Primary nodes are called as Master nodes

Separate nodes into computing nodes and storage nodes.

PolarFS runs directly in the user state so it reduces the overhead from OS switch
.....and many more

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