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[Forum Admin]Cancel RDS for auto renewal , can get the refund?

More Posted time:Jan 6, 2019 11:19 AM
Is there any one same case with me?
i register with alibabacloud since 2018 , and the first i register i get the 300$ voucher  . I bought the rds one year spend about 250$ and use the 300$ cash voucher . but after that i forgot to cancel the auto renewal for the rds , now alibabacloud auto charge me 250$ for 1 year rds , so my question is this auto renewal fee can be cancel and get the refund ?

i already open ticket to ask the customer service , but i think today is sunday so maybe no one to answer me . so just come here to ask ,who else same case with me

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Posted time:Jan 7, 2019 14:57 PM
I made a Billing Alert but never crossed that limit , in my case :)
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