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[products]TDS vs Server Guard

More Posted time:Nov 11, 2018 13:30 PM
Hi All

Does anybody knows what is really different between TDS and Server Guard?
I saw most features are similar.

Rahman Isnaini

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Dec 6, 2018 5:47 AM

To summerise both services, TDS is geared more towards security and management, whereas Server Guard is an agent based service for servers.

Threat Detection Service

Threat Detection Service (TDS) is a security monitoring and diagnostics service of Alibaba Cloud Security. TDS supports multiple features, including security event detection, vulnerability scanning, and configuration baseline check. You can use TDS to secure and manage your assets in the cloud.

TDS also enables you to analyze the security situation and detect potential threats by collecting and auditing up to 10 types of business security logs, asset fingerprints, and network threat intelligence.

Server Guard
Alibaba Cloud Security offers Server Guard (Server Security) that acts as a server security O&M manager.
Through the linkage between the lightweight Agent plug-in installed on a server and rules of the on-cloud protection center, this product provides real-time awareness of and defense against intrusion events, safeguarding server security.

Staff Engineer
Staff Engineer
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2nd Reply#
Posted time:Dec 7, 2018 23:19 PM
I attended this training on Threat detection service:

and I think Server guard is self explanatory
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