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[Tianchi Competition]Announcing Our New Batch of Global MVP Members

More Posted time:Sep 27, 2018 18:02 PM
We are proud to announce the new batch of Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) winners!

It is again one of the most exciting times of the year to announce our new Alibaba Cloud MVP members. We are proud to announce that this time we have 33 talented professionals joining our Alibaba Cloud MVP Program. With altogether 331 Alibaba Cloud MVPs, our global reach has expanded to 24 countries and regions. We look forward to exploring every possibility with all Alibaba Cloud MVPs for a brighter future together.

Tech Enthusiasts Leading the Push for Digital Transformation

Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award for thought leaders who are devoted to helping others fully understand and use Alibaba Cloud technologies. Our MVPs are IT professionals who have shown dedication to teaching others how to fully understand and get the most value out of Alibaba Cloud technologies.

Meet Our Newest MVP Members

Let's welcome all the new 33 MVPs to the Alibaba Cloud MVP team!
  1. Alex Muchiri
  2. Ariyolo Rona
  3. Nandor Kracser
  4. Chichria Jagdish
  5. Balint Molnar
  6. Trimikha Valentius
  7. Deepak Kamat
  8. Malcolm Wren
  9. Charles Chow
  10. Tushar Kumar
  11. Ranjith Udayakumar
  12. Gerardo Salandra
  13. Rajat Jaiswal
  14. Kanwar Manish
  15. Romil Bheda
  16. Prabhjot Bakshi
  17. Suketu Nayak
  18. Sajid Qureshi
  19. Frantisek Volar
  20. Kaique Lupo Leite
  21. Nadav Nachshon
  22. Hitesh Jethva
  23. Sangeun Bae
  24. Ghulam Qadir
  25. Limton Xavier
  26. Mayank Singh
  27. Gaurav Kumar Arora
  28. Chan Kae Siang
  29. Dukagjin Maloku
  30. Suenaga Ryota
  31. Haruto
  32. Qiu Binbin
  33. Naoya Nakazawa
What Do Our New MVP Members Have to Say About the Cloud Industry?

Due to length constraints, we will only highlight quotes from 4 MVP members. You can learn more about other MVPs from the MVP page.

Nandor Kracser, Senior Software Engineer at Banzai Cloud, Hungary
"As an MVP I would like to give the same user experience to our users as we offer on other cloud providers our mission is to offer the most straightforward onboarding on any cloud without cloud lock-in, do this with security in mind. I would like to share my existing knowledge that I have collected through my career. We are using a wide range of Alibaba products and SDKs and we would like to improve the user experience of those tools with the help of our projects."
Gerardo Salandra, CEO at Rocketbots, Hong Kong
"In my experience building Artificial Intelligence applications, having the right cloud infrastructure is as essential as the code itself. That's is why I believe that a good understanding of cloud computing will rapidly become one of the main competitive advantages of startups in the digital economy."
Frantisek Volar, Head of server products at Websupport, s.r.o., Slovakia
"For me, cloud computing is a very appealing and dynamic industry. I am fascinated by his possibilities. And good example for me is Alibaba Cloud, which quickly became one of the top players on this market. I like the complexity of the service portfolio and intuitive use. I am very glad to be able to help individuals and companies like Administrators or Developers as MVP to discover new opportunities offered by Alibaba Cloud in a new region in Central Europe. I like to use my reach to discuss with people who are interested in the cloud."
Dukagjin Maloku, System Engineer - Virtualization & Cloud at Kosovo Customs, Kosovo
"Alibaba Cloud - an attractive player in the Public Cloud World, doing things in the different way in nowadays Cloud technology, covering a lot like: Multimedia, e-Commerce, ET Brain - AI & ML solution, Hybrid Cloud, IoT, DevOps, Gaming and much more. Always in step with the time for any kind of the business needs, bringing solutions in the different way for more reliable, agile and easy to use for the customers. Being a community person & recently awarded to be an MVP for Alibaba Cloud, I would like to tell the IT people that the Alibaba Cloud is a Cloud technology that must considered to use it for the business needs and of course you can do anything you want based on the products and solutions that Alibaba Cloud have!
One of the key arguments that a prove that today you can do and achieve your dreams to do business locally, regionally and globally is the Double 11.11 - Alibaba Global shopping festival where with Alibaba Cloud technology they can handle billions of the digital transaction withing 24 hrs, with no incidents and no downtime at all! So I believe that the Alibaba Cloud technology will make things happened for you as well and no matter what type of the business you have: small, medium, big & enterprise-global business - you will achieve your goals and objectives!"
Be the next Alibaba Cloud MVP! Nominate yourself or your friends, and learn more details on the Alibaba Cloud MVP page now.

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