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[Share]Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional (ACP) Exam

More Posted time:Sep 18, 2018 3:56 AM

I took the Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional (ACP) exam this morning. I passed. Here are my notes on what I experienced.

Allocated Test Time: 90 minutes
Actual Test Time: 45 minutes
Questions: 70.

The exam was not difficult for me. I have a strong background with AWS, Azure and now Alibaba so my knowledge and experience really applied to this exam.

Due to non-disclosure, I will not discuess actual questions. Just tips on what I experienced.

I was expecting lots of problems with grammar, question format, etc. based upon previous Alibaba tests. Overall this exam did not have many grammar or syntax problems with the questions. If I remember correctly about 5 made no sense to me. The subject did make sense, just how they worded the question and possible answers were very odd. I recommend that Alibaba spend some time improving the exam question and answer quality for English.

Watch out for the quetions that are looking for the negative answer: "Which feature is not true of load balancing."

The exam was broken in three sections. The first part was single choice, the second part was multiple choice and the last was True/False type. Roughly one third of the questions for each type. Maybe a bit more for single choice questions. Within each section, Alibaba asked questions about each service. Several times I saw a difficult question followed by an easy question that answered the previous question. Hint, pay attention to each question for hints for other questions.

Serivces covered:
OSS - a lot of questions.
CDN - a lot of questions.
Auto Scaling - a lot of questions.
Load Balancing - a few questions.
ECS - a lot of questions.
VPC - not many questions.
VPN - one or two questions.
VRouter - not many questions.
Securiy - a lot of questions.

Every once in a while Alibaba wouild throw in a question where you would only know the answer by actually having used the service. However, about 70% of the exam comes straight from the documentation, so make sure that you study and understand the FAQs for each service and most if not all of the core product documentation. Then spend a lot of solid time in the console.

This is a good exam that covers the core Alibaba services well. If you pass then you know your "stuff".

I took the exam at Pearson Vue at Bellevue College. I really like this exam center. I have taken about a dozen certifications there. After completing the exam, the monitor said "Congradulations on passing the ACP". The receptionist handed my a printout with the details and certification number for passing.

Overall a very nice experience.

Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional (ACP)

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Posted time:Sep 19, 2018 1:21 AM
 I plan to take the ACP Big Data next. I will post another thread once that is complete.

I have already spent several months working with MaxCompute and E-MapReduce. I have also written a lot of code in Python and Scala for both. I am not expecting any difficulties with the next exam. Remember to review the exam guide and make sure you are prepared for each of the major topics.