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[Company news]You're Next! New Batch of Alibaba Cloud MVP for September 2018 Opens for Nomination

More Posted time:Aug 20, 2018 13:46 PM
Nomination for new Alibaba Cloud MVP award winners (September 2018 batch) is now open!
Are you obsessed with technology and familiar with Alibaba Cloud's products and services? Are you passionate in influencing the tech and  
developer communities, as well as shaping the future of the tech world?
If you answered yes to these questions, or know somebody who fits this profile, grab the opportunity to nominate yourself or your friend as  
an Alibaba Cloud MVP (September 2018 batch) by 10 September, 2018.

What Is Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award for thought leaders who have been devoted to helping others fully understand
and use Alibaba Cloud technologies.

Who Can Be an Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Ideal candidates for the Alibaba Cloud MVP award are tech professionals who are:
  1. Familiar with Alibaba Cloud products and services
  2. Passionate about sharing tech knowledge and experience to the community
  3. In the frontier of the technology industry
  4. Proactive and collaborative

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an MVP?

  1. Recognition as being an outstanding community leader
  2. Expanded influence in the tech community
  3. Exclusive Alibaba Cloud MVP resources and support
  4. 1 on 1 Technical Session with Alibaba Cloud Experts
  5. Invitation to MVP Global Annual Summit
  6. Tickets to Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference, the largest Cloud Computing Conference in China
  7. Visit to the Alibaba Headquarters
Click here to see a full list of benefits from Alibaba Cloud MVP.

What Do Our MVPs Think about the Alibaba Cloud MVP Program?

Alberto Roura – DevOps Lead Engineer, Australia
"I already organized one MVP Tech Show and another one is in the planning stage. The team at Alibaba Cloud was very  supportive, giving me more resources than I would imagine. So,  basically,  I was there enjoying talking about the topics that I like.  What else can I ask for? Being an Alibaba  Cloud MVP gave me the opportunity to learn  beyond what I was used to,  as it helped me to  get  exposed to very talented people and very innovative tools.  The amazing team at  Alibaba Cloud never stops  getting  new  ideas  about how to engage the community,  being that a key.   The Alibaba Cloud MVP program opens up doors to whoever is able to    explore the global exposure it offers.   Alibaba Cloud has a strong commitment to  empower the individuals who are ready to  shake the   community around them.   If growth is your goal, being an MVP will certainly help you with that. It pushes your boundaries    beyond  expectations."
Reza Primasatya – Senior Data Science Engineer, Indonesia
"Being an Alibaba Cloud MVP is a great pride and luck for me. I always meet various people with the same passion and vision.    Being an MVP is not only a place to exchange experiences, learn and laugh together, but is also about empowering the     community. I alone cannot change anything, but together we can change the world."
Arslan ud Din Shafiq – Software Engineer, Pakistan
"As an MVP, I share my best practices and experiences in my articles on Alibaba Cloud Focus. Meeting with experts in local    community lets you enhance your knowledge through discussions. By writing tutorials on Alibaba Cloud, I learned a lot of new    technologies and their applications. It is the moment of pride for me to be part of Alibaba Cloud as MVP. MVP program is   playing  a great role in the field of technology and providing the best opportunity for the people who are experts in their field. If   you are an  expert, you must be the part of MVP community."
Faruk Terzioglu – Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Cloud Service, Turkey
"Being an IT Expert means running all the time and never stopping. We can use different programming languages or work in    different position but the only thing that remains  the same for all of us is to keep our minds  open to change. We continually    perform research to ensure maximum benefit by following the new technologies as required by our  profession-- and this is how I  met with Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Group has invested so much in technology. I had the opportunity to review  all services with a 60-day free trial.   After reviewing all  services I wanted to share this  experience with other people. I prepared and shared detailed articles on my blog,  helped people with the online community,   and then one day,   I was awarded the Alibaba Cloud MVP. The most important thing that keeps  me motivated and happy as an Alibaba  Cloud MVP is having the ability to identify people's IT  needs and transmit these demands to a  technology  giant (Alibaba Cloud) to find common solutions for helping the people."
Be the next Alibaba Cloud MVP! Nominate yourself or your friends, and learn more details on the Alibaba Cloud MVP page now.

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Posted time:Sep 3, 2018 11:30 AM
Paco:Hi @Cloudy  is there any way to see who has already been nominated to be a new MVP?回到原帖
Hi Paco. Please find the MVP members here.