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[Promotion Campaigns]Announcing July’s Winners and Best Entries of the Alibaba Cloud Community Builder Program

More Posted time:Aug 10, 2018 18:03 PM
Now that our Alibaba Cloud Community Building program is one month old, we would like to thank everyone that participated and helped build a better Alibaba Cloud Community. The Community Builder is an Alibaba Cloud program to reward our existing users who contribute their knowledge on online community platforms. Participants can get rewards for each of their entries and have a chance to win one of the monthly contribution prizes and the Monthly Top Viewed Questions prize.
Announcing July Prize Winners

We are glad to announce that the July campaign results are out. Congratulations to Vinay Narasimhan for winning the Monthly Top Viewed Question prize. Below is the complete list with participants that won Alibaba Cloud Credits:

•     Amruta J
•     AppsWise
•     Bharat Ahire
•     Chan Kae Siang
•     Jeetendra Choudhary
•     Keshav Murkute
•     Mayank
•     Saravanakumar TR
•     Srinivas Balantrapu
•     Vinay Narasimhan
•     Vincent Wong

Editor’s Q&A Picks in July

Among all entries in July, here are the best question and answer based on the Q&A’s professionality and level of detail. You are invited to help answer the question, or learn something new from the answer.

Best Question
By Saravanakumar TR
"I understand Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Basic is the default security services provided by Alibaba. How else the security can be enhanced using other Alibaba Cloud security products?"

Answer his question and submit your answer to get rewarded if you know the answer.
Best Answer
By Juv Chan on the question "How to bulk upload Recipient lists in Alibaba Cloud Direct Mail?"
1.      Go to the DirectMail service in the console
2.      You must create at least one New Recipient List
3.      Click on the Upload button under the Action field of the recipient list
4.      You can either upload a .txt file (Sample txt file) or .csv (sample csv) file which contains the list of email recipients and other fields
5.      Please take note on the limitations such as the maximum number of email addresses per recipient list which is 10,000 as of today

6.      After the upload is successful, you can click on the Details button to view and validate the uploaded recipient email addresses and fields

What Is Alibaba Cloud Community Builder?

Alibaba Cloud Community Builder is a program to reward our existing users who contribute their knowledge on online community platforms. Participants can join the process of building a global community, get a chance to win up to $200 gift card each month and have a chance to become an Alibaba Cloud MVP. See more details for the program here.
We would like to thank everyone who participated in the program for their support and we hope to get to see your participation in the August edition of Alibaba Cloud Community Builder!

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Posted time:Aug 10, 2018 18:55 PM
Congratulations to all July Prize Winners.