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Alibaba Cloud — Healthcare automation business problem

More Posted time:Jun 22, 2018 13:17 PM
Hello Everyone, Hope you're doing great and exploring lot and implementiong solutions using AlibabaCloud.
Let me start with a business use case and looking forward for your involvement in proposing solution that you propose by using the AlibabaCloud platform.
As this is the first use case i’m publishing here, i wanted to get started with a small one and providing details as much as possible to help understand the business use case. going forward, i have plans to publish many more such business use cases or day to day business problems by identifying a technical solution onto it.
This business use case is bit small and related to health care division. It’s around automation of diagnosis reports, analysis and learning within the network. Helps automate the healthcare process by research of many reports and analysis or research done in the medical field.
I have published the details on the use case here:

Just to give you quick description

1 Patient takes appointment from hospital and walks in to hospital.
2 Doctor prescribes for diagnostic reports.
3 Patient walks in to diagnostic lab and completes the report.
4 Lab uploads the patient reports over the system and sends notification to the patient on the completion and web link to access the report.
5 patient visits doctor for report checkups and doctor verifies the report by accessing the link which is shared.
6 doctor writes prescription and updates system with analysis from the report with his comments on the system.
7 patient gets the option of sharing the report to everyone and analysis from doctor on the network by providing option of marking/unmask name/age..etc details. This helps validating the analysis during 2nd opinion or for research it helps.
8 Patient also will have the option of enabling the reports link for number of hours to provide access for 2nd opinion to the doctors.

Let me know if you have any questions.By the way, feel free to think of #Design Compute, Mobile App, Storage, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Jun 22, 2018 22:00 PM
Your use case is not a good example for a support forum. You need to hire a solutions architect to help you design your systems. Your description is good, but there are a large number of variables to consider. You will need to create a specification and requirements document and then spend time and capital developing the software to meet those requirements.

Think of Alibaba Cloud as a collection of services that you connect together. Your use case requires custom software development and that software will determine the cloud services that are required.

Good luck on your project.