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[Promotion Campaigns]Share Best Practices about Cloud to Win up to $3940 in Credit

More Posted time:Mar 30, 2018 15:51 PM
Share Your Knowledge, Learn from the Community
Deploy Your Website/App and Share Your Best Practices to win a Cloud Pioneer Package.
Duration: March 6 - June 5, 2018 (11:59 PM GMT+8)
How to Get the Alibaba Cloud Pioneer Package?

1.   Register an Alibaba Cloud Account to Start Your Cloud Journey

2.   Submit Your Cloud Plan to Receive Free Tech Support
      Submit your deployment or migration plan to get 3-month developer support for free!
      Alibaba Cloud and Community experts will support you during the process of migration and deployment.

            1)    Free 3-Month Developer Support Plan (Value $60)
            2)    Get Tech Support from Online Developer Communities

Recommended Services From Alibaba Cloud and Partners

Make use of cloud services and website management tools for seamless website and App deployment/migration.

3. Deploy/Migrate
Start to Deploy/Migrate with Alibaba Cloud Resources

4. Share Your Best Practices to Win Up to $3840 in Cloud Credit
    Share your best practices on your website, blog or social media and submit to us to win a Cloud Pioneer Package.
    Every approved submission receives a Cloud Pioneer Silver Package!
    Submit Now