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Alibaba Cloud Tech Share - Creating static HAVIP on Alibaba Cloud to be used as Windows Cluster vir

More Posted time:Mar 11, 2018 18:52 PM
Creating static HAVIP on Alibaba Cloud to be used as Windows Cluster virtual IP on ECS

For Windows Server Failover Cluster, or other application HA clusters (such as MS SQL etc) built who require a DNS name and a static virtual IP binded with the DNS record.

In Alibaba cloud, all IPs on any VPC and underlying switches are assigned dynamically. So you have to use "HAVIP" to configure a static IP that can be used as Virtual IP for Windows server failover cluster and other application clusters on ECS.

By default, HAVIP button is not available for use. You have to log a support ticket "To whitelist HAVIP."

Once HAVIP is available under VPC,

1. Click on "Create a HAVIP Address".  VPC -> HAVIP

2. Select
Vswitch  and
Specify Private IP that you want to use as static virtual IP

3. Add both Nodes that will be part of High Availability Cluster

Primary shall show as "Master", while secondary shall show as "Slave"

4. Check this new HAVIP is reachable from ECS instance. If you can successfully ping it, this IP is can be used now for Windows Cluster / SQL AlwaysOn cluster IP etc.

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