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Alibaba Cloud Series: Managing disk snapshot using Automatic Snapshot Policy

More Posted time:Mar 2, 2018 2:03 AM
Alibaba Series

This Article is a continuation to Alibaba Series. This article assumes that instance is already created and running in Alibaba cloud by following previous article in Alibaba Series.  This article will cover 'Managing disk snapshot using Automatic Snapshot Policy'

It’s a 2 step process. First create the policy and then set
the disk for the policy

There is an option to generate automatic disk snapshots.
We can use ‘Automatic snapshot policy’ to generate snapshots
on regular intervals automatically.

To create policy, click on ‘Create Automatic Snapshot

Or directly click on ‘Automatic Snapshot Policy’ option in
main blade.

Please read the policy details since it could be chargeable

Click Create Automatic Snapshot Policy

I have selected below configuration for my testing.
Give name to ‘Automatic Snapshot Policy: DataDiskAutoSnapshot
Select the Time: 5:00 am
Repeat day: Wednesday and Sunday
Retention Period: Custom Duration 30 days
Set the disk.

Select the Disk and then click Enable the Automatic

enabled the policy for the selected disk, Disk will start appearing under ‘Disk
with Preset Policy’  and ‘Disable the
Automatic Policy’ option will be available.

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Posted time:Mar 5, 2018 16:29 PM
good stuff.
to know more about ECS snapshots, read this