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Alibaba Cloud Series: Managing Disk Snapshots for ECS Instance

More Posted time:Mar 1, 2018 22:25 PM
 Alibaba Series

This Article is a continuation to Alibaba Series. This article assumes that instance is already created and running in Alibaba cloud by following previous article in Alibaba Series.  This article will cover 'Managing disk snapshot' manually

Managing disk snapshot manually:

To test the functionality,  create a txt file on D drive on the instance . Create txt file with some text in it.

Enable snapshot for the disk

Fill the snapshot name and click ‘ok’

To check the progress, Select ‘Instance Snapshots’ and verify the progress

In few minutes, progress will be 100%

Connect to running instance again using VNC or RDP Connection and delete the txt file created before.

Empty recycle bin as well

To perform the snapshot rollback, instance need to be in stop state.
Select an instance and stop it.

 Select the instance | In Properties | Select Instance Snapshots | click “Disk Rollback”

| Important

If Instance is NOT stopped, below message will be prompted if ‘Disk Rollback’ is selected. Please stop the running instance and again click on ‘Disk Rollback’

Once rollback is performed successfully, Instance will be stated automatically as part of the rollback process since ‘Start the instance immediately after the rollback’ option was selected.

Verify the instance status as ‘Running’ and connect to the instance using VNC or RDP

Once login check the Data disk and verify if the file is restored as part of disk rollback successfully.

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Posted time:Mar 5, 2018 16:29 PM
good stuff.
to know more about ECS snapshots, read this