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Alibaba Cloud Series: How to connect ECS instance

More Posted time:Mar 1, 2018 21:52 PM
Alibaba ECS

This Article is a continuation to Alibaba Series. This article assumes that instance is already created and running in Alibaba cloud by following previous article in Alibaba Series.

There are primarily 2 ways to connect to the Alibaba ECS running instance

  1. Using VNC Connect - Browser based

  2. Using mstsc/RDP connection - client based

If we choose to connect through VNC Connect, it will generate VNC connection password and need to keep it save at some safe place. VNC password will be required to connect the Instance every time.

1.      VNC Connection to the instance.
             Select Connect

VNC browser-based connection provides Remote commands
handy at the left side and need to choose the appropriate command to work with
the instance.

Select CTRL+ALT+DELETE to logon to the windows

Click Enter

2.       Access Windows Instance through mstsc/RDP.
   Make note of Public IP assigned to the

Run ‘mstsc’ from the machine you want to establish
connection to instance running on Alibaba ECS.

Enter IP\Administrator and password to login to Instance.

Check the connection details

ECS Instance is connected remotely and system admin can work
on the instance.

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1st Reply#
Posted time:Mar 5, 2018 16:35 PM
Connecting using VNC should be last choice, however I recommend to reset the VNC password to something you can remember.

You can reset VNC password from your alibaba cloud console..ECS instance ->more -> Reset VNC Password.

RDP is better in case you have windows instance and ssh is better in case you have Linux instance