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[Share][Record Filing Tips] Attitudes, Terminologies and Important Issues on Recording Filing

More Posted time:Jul 21, 2016 9:24 AM
[Record Filing Tips] Attitudes, Terminologies and Important Issues on Recording Filing
Whether you want to apply for record filing or are currently going through such formalities, you may have lots of questions to ask about the filing procedure or have doubts about filing requirements. To complete record filing more quickly and easily, I suggest that you should first have a correct understanding of the filing procedure and proceed based on the requirements of record filing authorities.
Attitude: It is your obligation to complete full record filing formalities; otherwise, you may suffer losses if your competitors report your non-filed website. For the long-term and ordered operation of your website, you should handle record filing formalities carefully and with the right attitude. Any complaints will not exempt you from your record filing obligation. Every decision on record filing is made with the intention to promote China's information industry development and provide a compliant Web environment by increasing the barriers for spam sites. However, the effectiveness of record filing is beyond the scope of this article. Alibaba Cloud record filing service helps you complete authentication quickly. However, after the filing formalities are transferred from Alibaba Cloud to record filing authorities, the time needed for review depends on the handling progress in the provincial record filing bureau. Review typically takes 20 working days. Please wait patiently during this period. When review is completed, the record filing bureau will send you a text message notifying you of the result.
Record filing system: Currently, the third-edition record filing system is in use. The system is also called the record filing proxy system, which allows enterprises to submit record filing applications with the assistance of IDC service providers. The record filing process is changed as follows: After a user submits verification materials and related information to an IDC service provider, the service provider will designate an IDC verification specialist to conduct a preliminary review of the submitted materials. If the materials are approved, they will be submitted to record filing authorities for final review. Applications proceed to the next review stage if approved. If not approved at any review stage, they will be rejected and the reason be provided to the user. The user can make appropriate adjustments and submit them again.
Record filing terminology and requirements:
1. Classification: Record filing is classified into ICP subject record filing (the primary handling organization) and website recording filing.
2. Record filing number: The ICP subject record filing number is in the format [Zhe ICP File No. XXXXXXXX], and the website record filing number in the format [Zhe ICP File No. XXXXXXXX-1] and [Zhe ICP File 11 XXXXXX-2].
3. Primary handler's name: For an enterprise or a public institution, the primary handler's name should be filled in with a copy of the business license, organization code certificate, or other primary ID documents. It is recommended that enterprises use their business license copies to reduce procedural complexity. If the primary handler is an individual, a copy of his/her ID card should be used as the primary ID document. If no ID card can be provided, the original copy of the person's household register, military ID card, or Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents (MTP) is accepted. If the website owner is not a Chinese citizen, the original copy of his/her passport shall be used as his/her primary ID document.】
4: Subject owner and website owner: The subject owner of an enterprise or a public institution must be the legal person (this requirement is not mandatory in some provinces), and the website owner can be designated by the subject owner. If the primary handler is an individual, the subject owner and the website owner can be the same person.
5. Authentication document and security agreement: The two agreements must be submitted in duplicate for each record filing application to Alibaba Cloud Record Filing Service Center through express delivery. Verification by HiChina does not require repeated delivery. You can choose economical express delivery to reduce cost.
6. Signing of the authentication document and security agreement and in-person authentication via photo taking: For an enterprise or a public institution, if the subject owner and the website owner are not the same person, the website owner is responsible for signing the authentication document and security agreement and take a photo to verify their authenticity.
7. Contact address: Fill in with your current residential address.
8. ID document address: Fill in with the address specified in your ID card.
9. Website name: For an enterprise or a public institution, the website name should be filled in with the enterprise's name or the public institution's name. If the primary handler is an individual, the record filling requirements are more complex and the website name should be filled in according to the instructions of the record filing system.
10. Domain name certificate: The identity consistency between the domain name owner and the primary handler in charge of the website is verified based on the domain name certificate submitted by the primary handler or based on the public information provided on the website of the domain registry. If they are inconsistent, the record filing application shall be rejected.
Important issues about the recording filing service:
1. In-person authentication: Most of the 34 provincial record filing authorities in China require in-person authentication via photo taking. The photo taking background must be a special blue canvas provided by your IDC service provider and containing the service provider's name. Canvas specifications are consistent across China. If your province does not require in-person authentication, you only need to submit a scanned copy of your personal one-inch full-faced and bareheaded photo on a white background in the enterprise-side system. For record filing with Alibaba Cloud, you can take the photo in a HiChina branch or a Kodak designated photo studio in the local area.
Q: Other IDC service providers do not require photo taking for authentication. Why?
A: This practice adopted by many small IDC service providers is a violation of law. Alibaba Cloud requires photo taking for authentication in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, in order to set barriers for non-compliant websites and ensure the healthy development of the company.
If your IDC service provider does not have a branch in the local area, you can pay a deposit and express fee for the IDC service provider to deliver an IDC canvas to you. After you finish photo taking, you should return the canvas to the IDC service provider and will have your deposit back. You can also download the proper IDC canvas, go to a qualified printing outlet to print the canvas, and use it to take a photo. Whichever method is used, you should submit a digital photo of the required size to the IDC record filing specialist. However, the two methods have loopholes and will not be adopted by Alibaba Cloud because the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) requires IDC service providers to conduct in-person authentication.
2. Fast record filing service: A wide variety of fast record filing services are available on Taobao. You must be careful with a type of record filing service whereby your record filing number can be searched based on your submitted domain name in the record filing system, but not the other way round. This type of service has obvious security risks. You must also pay attention to the many uncertainties occurred during express delivery of record filing services and the risks of disclosing your personal information to companies or individuals without security guarantee.
Q: Can I access Alibaba Cloud after I complete record filing through Taobao?
A: You can access Alibaba Cloud if the subject record filing information matches your identity and you have a record filing password after you complete record filing through Taobao. You need to perform access operations in Alibaba Cloud record filing system before access.
If you are the primary handler but do not have the record filing password because you fill in with another person's mobile phone number, you can contact your proxy record filing service provider on Taobao to obtain the password and modify your record filing information as soon as possible. Then you can access Alibaba Cloud.
If you are not the primary handler or cannot obtain the record filing password, you need to apply for record filing cancellation from the provincial authorities and then submit a record filing application to Alibaba Cloud.
3. Record filing review period: After you submit a record filing application to Alibaba Cloud, a record filing specialist of Alibaba Cloud will contact you by phone to verify the submitted information on the same day or the next working day. If the information is correct, you can take the photo for authentication in a HiChina branch or a Kodak designated photo studio in the local area. If you take the photo in a HiChina branch, you do not need to send the verification materials to Alibaba Cloud via express delivery. If you take the photo in a Kodak designated photo studio, you need to send your authentication verification document and security agreement to Alibaba Cloud Record Filing Service Center through express delivery. Alibaba Cloud will review the materials within three working days (in the actual situation, the materials are usually reviewed on the day of reception). After review, Alibaba Cloud will submit the materials to the provincial record filing authorities for final review, which must be completed within 20 working days according to the stipulation of the MIIT. Please wait patiently and you will be notified of the review result by phone.
4. New record filing: When you submit a record filing application for a new website, stop domain name resolution unconditionally to avoid any objective factors that may affect the review conducted by record filing authorities.
5. Application for access record filing: If you already have record filing information and want to apply for access, carefully check your website for any illegal contents (including but not limited to the displayed contents that can be published only after enterprise recording filing is passed) and contents requiring pre-approval (including but not limited to the comment, message and discussion functions of your website that require electronic bulletin approval; website construction, website advertising and other related services which require special approval). During the access process, do not shut down your website and ensure that the current name of your website is consistent with that used for previous record filing).
6. Domain name certificate: As mentioned above, a domain name certificate is provided for record filing authorities to check whether the domain name owner is consistent with the primary handler. If your domain name is registered in China, you can contact your domain name service provider to search and print your domain name certificate. If your domain name is registered outside China, you can generate the domain name certificate on an online domain name generation website, capture a snapshot of the certificate and print it out. You do not need to prepare the certificate by yourself. Record filing authorities do not have requirements on the certificate format. Ensure that the printed contents are legible. Color printing is not mandatory.

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