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Alibaba Cloud Tech Share - [Solution]: Using sysprep to reset SID, if you are unable to join ECS to

More Posted time:Feb 24, 2018 1:16 AM
Using sysprep to reset SID, if you are unable to join ECS to domain due to same SID error


I am posting step by step guide to how to use "sysprep" script to solve issue of same SID error and due to this you can not join ECS instance to Active Directory domain. Each ECS created from Alibaba OS image will carry same SID, so you need to run this on all ECS servers which you want to join to Active directory domain.

1. Download "sysprep.ps1" script from below link:

2. Copy sysprep.ps1 to "c: drive" of server where you want to change SID

3. Open command prompt.. Run cmd.. as administrator

c:>whoami /user
check SID before running sysprep, keep note

4. To change SID, run this at command prompt, server will be restarted after sysprep:
c:\>powershell -executionpolicy bypass -file c:\sysprep.ps1 -ReserveHostname -ReserveNetwork -skiprearm -post_action "reboot"

Enter new password for administrator account.

Note: if you use " -skippassword ", then the password will be  changed to default password "Aliyun1A", you have to login using that default password, and you have to change it from windows

5. run at CMD
c:>whoami /user
check SID after running sysprep, keep note

6. Post check after sysprep:
- check if time/time zone is correct after sysprep
- if server has got Data disk attached before, after running sysprep data disk will be in Offline state, you need to make it online from disk management(windows)
- check drive letters, change if you need

orginal source (chinese): https://help.aliyun.com/knowledge_detail/40846.html?spm=5176.11065259.1996646101.searchclickresult.1fdf4098vUpoe3

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Abdul Hafeez
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