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No fee for Stopped Instances - Explained

More Posted time:Jan 8, 2018 15:18 PM
Great news..! Alibaba now supports no fee for stopped instances. Means, if you stop your pay-as-you go instances you will not be charged. But Cloud disks attached to the instances (including system disks and data disks), Internet bandwidth, elastic IP (EIP) addresses, and images. Billing of these resources continues after the No fees for stopped instances feature is enabled. For more information about billing, see Pay-As-You-Go, Cloud disk pricing, Purchase network bandwidth, Bandwidth pricing, and EIP pricing. For more details about this feature, please go through this link

Let me describe few scenarios that this feature can be really helpful in terms of saving cost.

1. For Dev Environment
2. For DR (Disaster Recovery) Site

1. Dev Environment:

For any development or staging enviroment, you may choose to go for pay-as-you go instances & enable this feature. If the staging is continuos and prefer to retain the data, you may not want release the instance. Of-course, you can still take a image level backup and release the instance. However there are business cases this might not be viable option. Upon this feature release it is no more a challenge, simply enable "No fees for stopped instances" & enjoy the benefits with minimal cost. You may go ahead and enable this option from ECS Overview.

Refer screenshot below for reference:

2. DR (Disaster Recovery) Site:

If you ever consider cloud for DR you may really need this feature which will save lot of cost to the DR environment. Enabling this option will make your Alibaba Cloud DR as cold standby mode. Depends on the application configuration we still need to make a proper planning. Considerations are like DNS Planning, Downtime, DR Activation, Replication design, Preventive measures and so on.

Refer to below screenshot which shows the outcome of this feature:

It is kind of warning for you to ensure that all key actions were taken before stopping. Example : Unbound Elastic IP before you stop, Ensure you don't save any data to the local disk.


Recently I had to do this for one of my Antispam servers built on Alibaba, However before stopping I released that the ECS IP's were mapped into DNS as A & MX record, the same were updated as PTR record.


Updating the PTR record every time for new IP might not be a good idea. Then, I noticed that in Alibaba console you have an option to convert ECS Public IP's into Elastic IP.
Refer Screenshot:

Problem solved. Challenges are not real if there is a solution. Alibaba made it in all possible way.

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