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Product Overview

More Posted time:Jul 19, 2016 15:12 PM

Alibaba Cloud CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. As a distributed network that is built on and overlays the bearer network, it is composed of edge node server clusters distributed across different regions. The network replaces the traditional data transmission mode centered on Web servers.

It delivers the source content to edge nodes, and works with a precise scheduling system. It distributes user requests to the most suitable nodes, allowing the user to retrieve the content they need as quickly as possible, effectively solving the Internet congestion problem, and increasing the response speed of users visiting the website.

The process for http request handling after using CDN is as follows:

Function Introduction

Node Cache

The intelligent object heat algorithm and hierarchical HOT cache resources allow for precise resource acceleration
The high-performance cache system design, balanced use of processing capacity of multiple CPU cores, and efficient and reasonable use and control of memory maximizes SSD IOPS and throughput
Each node provides high-speed read/write SSD storage. Used with the SSD acceleration capabilities, this greatly reduces user access waiting time and improves availability
Smart compression effectively reduces the size of the content transmitted by users, thus accelerating distribution
Page optimization removes spaces, line breaks, TABs, annotations, and other redundant page content, reducing page sizes
Multiple JavaScript/CSS files are combined into a single request, reducing the number of requests

Precise Scheduling

No matter whether your website is a portal information site, multimedia audio and video site, game site, mobile app, or any other type, the CDN service intelligently allocates scheduling domains to provide the required support, improving the overall speed of your site

Self-developed scheduling system, supporting scheduling for millions of domain names with one single machine
Higher controllability and protocol scalability further reduce costs
Supports multi-level scheduling policies, so node failure will not cause unavailability to users
Multi-system interaction coordinates with security defense systems, refresh systems, and content management systems
Real-time data scheduling and support for node-level traffic prediction improve the quality and accuracy of scheduling

Business Support for Multiple Scenarios, Works With Other Services

The live streaming media service provides an integrated solution for media asset storage, slicing and transcoding, access authentication, and content The audio and video incremental on-demand service provides low buffering times, a smooth playback experience, and supports MP4 and FLV video formats
Resource link authentication and custom authentication KEYs are supported to ensure the security of your media resources and free you from worries about leeching
By freely integrating multiple Alibaba Cloud services, the system works seamlessly with different services to increase cloud resource access and download speeds

It can work seamlessly with Object Storage Service (OSS) to accelerate website access and effectively reduce OSS Internet traffic fees
It can work with Elastic Compute Service (ECS) to increase site availability, protect the origin site information on the server, and reduce bandwidth usage cost
It can also use Server Load Balancer (SLB) for the origin site address to go back to the source for data, reducing the back-to-source bandwidth pressure
In addition, it supports non-Alibaba Cloud origin sites and provides unobstructed access and rapid deployment of acceleration services following resource reviews


The self-help console allows for the smart deployment of all nodes in minutes using custom configurations
Through a simple operation, you can quickly activate the CDN service. You can use the console to add, delete, modify, and query self-configured domain names, as well as set node cache acceleration policies, anti-leeching measures, http header information, etc. As needed, you may also choose to enable different types of acceleration and optimization functions. Learn More
The open and atomically scalable CDN APIs enable flexible deployment, fast operation, precise use, and timely monitoring of CDN domains, distribution resources, and monitoring data. It can also be used with the APIs of other Alibaba Cloud products for a custom, multi-platform portal Learn More

Real-time Monitoring

The all-round information monitoring feature provides multi-dimensional support for resource distribution
Full network monitoring, rich data analysis, and convenient resource report downloads provide a wide range of monitoring information, including information on bandwidth traffic, access quality, visitor data, popularity analysis, and security protection

CDN Node Distribution

Node Distribution Rules: After a domain name is added, the following domestic nodes will become available by default. The system will automatically add corresponding nodes (does not include Overseas nodes) according to the domain's actual volume of traffic. No manual operations are required.

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