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Site to Site VPN between Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure

More Posted time:Dec 14, 2017 15:32 PM


This article shows you how to use the Azure portal to create a Site-to-Site VPN gateway connection and Deploy a VPN gateway appliance from your Alibaba Cloud portal and connect it to the VNet.

This guide will provide quick steps to configure Site-to-Site.

On Azure:

1. Create a virtual network

To create a VNet in the Resource Manager deployment model by using the Azure portal, follow the steps below.

  • 1. From a browser, navigate to the Azure portal and sign in with your Azure account.

  • 2. Click New. In the Search the marketplace field, type 'virtual network'. Locate Virtual network from the returned list and click to open the Virtual Network page.

  • 3. Near the bottom of the Virtual Network page, from the Select a deployment model list, select Resource Manager, and then click Create. This opens the 'Create virtual network' page.


2. Create the gateway subnet

  • In the portal, navigate to the virtual network for which you want to create a virtual network gateway.

  • In the Settings section of your VNet page, click Subnets to expand the Subnets page.

  • On the Subnets page, click +Gateway subnet at the top to open the Add subnet page.

  • The Name for your subnet is automatically filled in with the value 'GatewaySubnet'. The GatewaySubnet value is required in order for Azure to recognize the subnet as the gateway subnet. Adjust the auto-filled Address range values to match your configuration requirements.

  • To create the subnet, click OK at the bottom of the page.

3. Create the VPN gateway

  • On the left side of the portal page, click + and type 'Virtual Network Gateway' in the search box. In Results, locate and click Virtual network gateway.

  • At the bottom of the 'Virtual network gateway' page, click Create. This opens the Create virtual network gateway page.

  • On the Create virtual network gateway page, specify the values for your virtual network gateway.

4. Create the local network gateway

The local network gateway typically refers to your on-premises location. But here we are connecting to Alibaba cloud VPN gateway appliance. So You give the site a name by which Azure can refer to it, then specify the IP address of the Alibaba cloud VPN device to which you will create a connection.

Create the VPN connection

Create the Site-to-Site VPN connection between your virtual network gateway and your Alibaba cloud VPN device.

  • Navigate to and open the blade for your virtual network gateway. There are multiple ways to navigate. In our example, we navigated to the gateway 'VNet1GW' by going to TestVNet1 -> Overview -> Connected devices -> VNet1GW.

  • On the blade for VNet1GW, click Connections. At the top of the Connections blade, click +Add to open the Add connection blade.

Configuration of the Alibaba Cloud Portal

Login to you Alibaba Cloud Portal and open another browser tab. Look for Alibaba cloud marketplace.

Go to the search space at right-hand corner and find “FlexGW IPsec VPN on CentOS”

Deploy the appliance as an instance in the default VPC.

Once deployed, reset the password and restart the VM.

Open your browser and paste the Public IP of the instance at https://publicip/

Navigate to IPSEC VPN and click on create a tunnel.


Make sure the PSK (Shared Key) is same on both the sides.

Click on Save and it should start connecting to the Azure VPN gateway and you should be able to see the status as below

On Azure Portal:

To test it further, you can deploy a virtual machine on both sides and do a ping test.

I deployed an Ubuntu VM on Azure and on Alibaba.

The virtual machine on Azure with the below private IP:

Virtual Machine on Alibaba with its private IP:

Note: the catch is since, on Alibaba Cloud we have deployed VPN GW as an instance, we have to make sure the “Route Entry” is added to use the ECS instance to reach a particular CIDR.

And there you go:

Ping from Alibaba to Azure

Thank you for reading
Please comment if you have any query.

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