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[products]Different Network Speed for 2 ESC

More Posted time:Nov 15, 2017 1:40 AM
I currently managing 2 ESC for 2 companies. (Both used for Webserver)

They Both Picked "Hongkong B" zone, Both set to 16mbps bandwidth.
Everything is the same.

First ESC IP:
Second ESC IP:

The Bug is :
Visiting Using Australia Optus Network,
the first ESC can reach got >1MB/s , super fast
the second ESC only get  <20kb/s speed, super slow, can not open a website, and my client is complaining.

About the second slow ESC:
Only get slow visiting from Australia Optus Network.  If using Australia Telstra network, Its Super Fast again. (so half australian slow, half australian fast)
When it visiting with optus, everything slow, ftp, ssh, http, all are at about 20kb/s speed.

I don't understand why. Is there anything wrong with the network route setup? Please find out.

Thank you

Senior Engineer
Senior Engineer
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1st Reply#
Posted time:Nov 17, 2017 0:31 AM
For this issue, suggest you create a technical ticket in web console