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Complete newbie login and WordPress questions

More Posted time:Nov 1, 2017 13:14 PM
Hi Alibaba Cloud Forum members,

I am brand new, I just used my free credits to set up Instance Type: ecs.n1.tiny with Image ID: ubuntu_16_0402_64_20G_alibase_...

When I try to connect to the instance from the Management Console Connect button,
the window pops up with Please enter VNC Password

My password gets accepted, and I see You are successfully connected to the instance
Then it shows the instance number, and below it promts: login:

But when I try root and my VNC Password it doesn't work. How do I find my password?

Also, after looking at the different tutorials, I would rather be using a WordPress image instead of just Ubuntu.

Is it possible to switch the image from Ubuntu to WordPress without being penalized with the loss of the ECS one month that I purchased with the coupon?

Thanks for your help, I am very happy that I was able to get an ECS up and running with the free credits.

It sure seems a lot more straghtforward just to pay the $1/month sale hosting price. bit I am determined to figure out Cloud Hosting.