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[Sharing] Server Load Balancer FAQs

More Posted time:Jul 15, 2016 14:08 PM
[Sharing] Server Load Balancer FAQs

1)    Can a Server Load Balancer IP be Restored After It Is Recycled and Released?
After a Server Load Balancer instance is released, its configuration is deleted and cannot be restored. You can reapply and reconfigure a Server Load Balancer instance to perform monitoring, but its IP may be different. Thank you for your understanding.

2)    Does Server Load Balancer Support HTTPS Protocol?
Server Load Balancer does not support HTTPS. However, you can achieve the same effect by configuring the 443 port in TCP protocol. The difference is that the security certificates must be saved in the backend ECS instances.

3)    If I Suffer a DDoS Attack, Will This Result in Higher Fees?
DDoS attacks generally use incoming traffic. The Server Load Balancer can receive large volumes of traffic and you are not charged for incoming traffic. As long as the attack does not affect your outgoing traffic, it will not result in high fees.

4)    What Is the Difference Between Server Load Balancer Rewrite Cookie and Implant Cookie?
Server Load Balancer implant cookie refers to the process where the backend servers implant cookies in the client. The Server Load Balancer system does not process cookies in any way. Sever Load Balancer rewrite cookie can be used by the owners of instances to customize cookies as needed.

5)    Does Server Load Balancer Support Persistent Connections?
Server Load Balancer does support persistent connections.

6)    How Can I Delete a Server Load Balancer Instance After Creating One by Mistake?
Click the Server Load Balancer console and then click the Release button for the instance.

7)    Say I Have Two ECS Instances (A and B) Behind the Server Load Balancer and I Want to Distribute Most of the Traffic to A, and Little or No Traffic to B, so I Set the Weight for B to 0. In This Case, If A Experiences Downtime, Will the Server Load Balancer Distribute the Traffic to B?
If you want to distribute most of the traffic to A, you can set a high weight value for it. If you set B's weight to 0 and A's weight to 100, the traffic will be primarily forwarded to A. However, we do not suggest setting a value of 0. We suggest you enable the health check function. Then, if A goes down, the health check will recognize there is a problem and no more traffic will be distributed to A. In this case, the traffic will directly be sent to B.

8)    What Do the Weights Mean in Server Load Balancer? Does a Higher Value Mean a Higher Proportion of the Traffic?
ECS instances with higher weights will be allocated a greater proportion of access requests.

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Posted time:May 20, 2018 15:16 PM
This is a good FAQ. I realize that it was written two years ago.

For item #2, SLB now supports HTTPS directly (with an SSL certificate).