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8 Tips for Web Data Security Protection

More Posted time:Jul 14, 2016 10:11 AM
     Computers as the initial type of terminal in a network architecture have been gradually replaced by new terminal types. Nowadays, networks seem to have much higher importance than terminals though networks still cannot do without terminals. However, information security is the primary concern in the information era whether for networks or for terminals. As data centers are increasingly networked, security protection needs to be improved.

     8 Tips to Build Three-dimensional Network Protection for Web Data Security
     For any project, the initial stage is critical for delivering secure applications. Appropriate security requirements contribute to correct security design.
     1. Authentication and Password Management
     Authentication and password management are one-time activities in a project. Related important issues include:
     Password policy: used to prevent dictionary attacks related to user credentials.
     Password hash algorithm: used to encrypt passwords.
     Password reset mechanism: used to prevent hackers from modifying or intercepting passwords.
     2. Authentication and Role Management
     When analyzing security issues of a project, determine all key functions and the persons authorized to access the functions. This helps you identify different roles and make your access control effective.
     3. Audit Log Records
     When an attack occurs, identify all key businesses related to the attack because the attack will have great impact on your enterprise. Then analyze audit log records of attack-related businesses.
     4. Third-party Component Analysis
     Analyze whether your enterprise needs to use third-party components. Then analyze known vulnerabilities of third-party components and propose appropriate suggestions.
     5. Verification and Cleaning of Input Data
     Understand and analyze the attributes of input data and make a plan of data verification and cleaning. This step is intended to address cross-site scripting attacks. Data verification and cleaning can prevent large-scale SQL injection.
     6. Encryption and Key Management
     Analyze whether your businesses require security protection and handshaking mechanisms (which can be implemented via public/private key exchange technologies before business processing).
     7. Source Code Integrity Protection
     Source code integrity protection is a one-time activity that must be completed at the initial stage of a project. This facilitates the following two jobs:
     Store source code in a secure control warehouse and perform robust authentication and role-based access control based on the principle of minimal privilege. Pay attention to issues about the source code library and related tools.
     Analyze code protection issues and tool related issues about source code containers during code development and transmission.
     8. Source Code Management
     Discuss source code review policies. This is an important step because the review, whether it is performed automatically or manually, will affect the overall project duration (which may be prolonged due to code review and code fixes based on review comments). Source code management is a one-time activity that must be completed at the initial stage of a project.

     Encryption as the Core Protection Method in the Data Era
     The 8 tips use both network protection methods and encryption methods. Network protection is intended for protecting valuable data on networks and encryption is the optimal method for data protection as it directly addresses the sources of data. The advanced multimode encryption technology can effectively address a variety of network protection requirements and ensure a secure network environment.
     By combining symmetric and asymmetric algorithms, multimode encryption ensures the quality of data source protection while allowing users to select encryption modes according to their needs to address protection requirements more flexibly. Data security threats persist despite various protection methods ranging from terminal protection to network protection. Given the increased value of data, data source protection remains the primary concern. Protective methods targeted at the core of data are always the most effective methods no matter how environments and protection policies are changed. For this reason, flexible and targeted encryption software is the optimal choice for individuals, enterprises, and even countries with data security requirements.

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Posted time:Apr 28, 2020 3:24 AM
Regardless of the size of your business, developing a security framework can help reduce your overall risk.

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed The Cybersecurity Framework which forms the basis of our website security principles framework in this guide.

Knowing security is a continuous process means it starts with the foundation of a website security framework. This framework will involve creating a “culture of security” where scheduled audits will help in keeping things simple and timely.

The five functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover will be broken out in more detail along with actions to be applied.

Security is the primary concern for everyone these days and all major companies are aware of the need. Recently, Microsoft came up with Azure Active Directory and earlier with plans like Microsoft 365 Business Premium keeping the security in the mind.

Azure MFA is another big thing that can contribute to the issue of web security as Azure has already done some work by providing a high-performance cloud server for websites.

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Posted time:Sep 27, 2021 13:55 PM

There is no denial in the fact that the modern-day industry landscape is completely different from what it used to be a couple of decades ago. If you compare a traditional business with a modern-day business then you will find a lot of differences between them. Well, you should also know that making a move to the industry has also become very easy and this is why we are witnessing a sudden increase in the number of small businesses in almost all the industries. Well, you will be completely surprised to know that for many developing countries, small businesses are contributing to the GDP on a giant basis and this is what you will have to consider.

But if you are thinking that just because starting a small business has become easy, even making it successful has become a pie then you are completely wrong. The modern-day industries have become more competitive and every firm out there is looking forward to harnessing competitive advantage in the industry. Well, in such a situation, you as an owner of small businesses will need to make sure that you are keeping your data completely safe.

In the modern era, data has become one of the most valuable assets for each and every type of business and small businesses are no exception to this trend. If you are running a small business then you will have to make sure that you are not doing anything that will put your data at risk since there are people out there looking for even a single mistake by any of the firms out there.

Well, in order to make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of some of the most common data security mistakes made by small businesses.

Considering they are not on the list

If you are running a small business then there are maximum chances that you also must be running on a very small scale and this is why you can start thinking that all the criminals out there will only be looking for big fishes in the market since they can’t harness much from a small business. Well, even some of the attacks have been attempted on large firms out there. But you should know that thinking that you will never be targeted by a criminal just because you are running a small business is completely wrong.

All the criminals out there are already aware of the fact that all the small and medium-sized businesses don’t have bigger budgets and this is why they can’t use advanced technology in order to keep themselves secure. Thus, all the small businesses become easy targets for criminals. If you are looking forward to staying protected then you will have to accept the fact that any online criminal can attack your business.

Keeping employees uninformed

If you are thinking that since you are running a small business, you will have to deal with only external threats then you are completely wrong. You will be surprised to know that many of the attacks on the data of a business are internal and in some cases, it is intentional while in other cases, it happens just because of lack of knowledge. You should know that online criminals will use all the different ways to get their hands on your data and their basic motive will be to lure employees of your company into clicking something with a virus.

This is one of the main reasons why keeping your employees informed has become a matter of paramount importance. If you will keep your employees uninformed then they will never come to know about the different tricks used by online criminals in order to get their hands on your data. You should also know that all the firms that used some kind of training program in order to train their employees have witnessed fewer chances of any type of attack. When your employees will have proper knowledge about cyberattacks then they will never click on any type of malicious links.

Not outsourcing

If you are running a small business then there are maximum chances that you must be using a website in order to build your digital presence. Well, without a website, surviving in the modern market and that too as a small business is near to impossible. But since there are many DIY platforms and tools out there, you might start thinking that you will not only be able to manage your digital presence but take care of the security of your digital presence as well. But this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make while trying to keep your data secure.

There are many different aspects of the security of your digital presence that need to be taken care of and it doesn’t matter how many YouTube videos you watch or how many articles you read, you will never be able to take care of all these aspects and thus the security of your data will be compromised. This is one of the main reasons why outsourcing has become a matter of paramount importance when it comes down to digital security. A third party will be able to provide you professional security and they will take care of all the loopholes that can act as an invitation to the online criminals out there.

Just starting a business and then expecting something to act as a magic wand in the success of your firm is not the right approach. If you are running a business even on a small scale then you will have to make sure that you are taking care of all the aspects of making a firm successful including data security. This also includes using modern-day technological solutions for data protection.

If you are making one of the mistakes mentioned in this blog post then you will have to start rethinking your strategy regarding data security and use some of the best tools and people in order to keep your data completely secure and safe.

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Posted time:Aug 2, 2022 23:38 PM
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Posted time:Aug 4, 2022 16:13 PM
Keeping frameworks refreshed is one of the center precepts of good network protection. Truth be told, the gradualness of conveying patches is a constant issue in security; unpatched, un-refreshed programming is a critical gamble. While you ought to continuously stay up with the latest in accordance with best practice, the manner in which you do it requirements to change.

In the event that an application attempts to naturally get an update when a non-constant work area is turned up, there's an undeniable gamble of causing a movement storm (frequently called a "boot storm"). An action storm happens when different kid work areas attempt to get the suitable update at the same time and over-burden the organization with traffic attempting to refresh their applications.

By spending framework I/O, programmed refreshes that come from youngster work areas (frequently from antivirus programs) can deplete the assets of your whole VDI framework. For organizations with large number of virtual occasions, a grouping of synchronous updates can prompt organization debilitating action storms. Freely refreshing kid work areas can likewise decrease the exhibition of your VDI organization and make huge slack across the whole virtual work area foundation.

Confining the probability of I/O concentrated undertakings, similar to programmed refreshes, at the administration level can assist with keeping your organization moving along as expected. All things considered, administrators ought to run all application reports on the expert picture preceding youngster work areas being made. This proactive step guarantees that all applications on youngster work areas are fixed, and there is insignificant possibility of an action storm.

Organizations at times view at work area virtualization as the brilliant ticket for disseminated network security. This is a risky demeanor to have. Despite the fact that they come from a server, virtual work areas share large numbers of a similar endpoint security takes a chance as their equipment based partners.

From zero-day dangers and ransomware to phishing assaults, a significant number of a similar endpoint chances apply to both virtual and actual work area conditions. Safeguarding against dangers in a virtual climate is entirely more confounded because of the restricted memory inside each virtual work area. The way to relieving this expanded endpoint risk is to coordinate your physical and virtual work area security processes.

For Knowledge visit this blog:- Daas Providers

Integrate your managerial techniques for both virtual and actual work areas by dealing with your security detailing with a standard connection point. Likewise, stay up with the latest on the endpoint danger they are confronted with by coordinating VDI-mindfulness into your security preparing for every possible client. Attempt and secure the passageways to your VDI, also. Like on actual work areas, demanding two-factor validation for client network access can go far in safeguarding your virtualized endpoints.

While certain defenders of VDI frameworks state cost saving as an advantage of virtual work areas, this isn't generally the situation. To be really financially savvy, you really want to carry out VDI at scale with whatever number kid work areas as could be allowed sent on every server. Cost-proficient virtual work area frameworks frequently have no place for the additional memory request that customary antivirus programming, including numerous virtualization accommodating cutting edge antivirus frameworks, put on servers.

The more organization assets your security arrangement utilizes, the less work areas you can run, and the less financially savvy your VDI becomes. To adjust wellbeing, cost, and execution, the asset weight of your VDI security specialist should be all around as light as could be expected. Indeed, even with endpoint identification and reaction apparatuses, weight is as yet an issue because of the expanded organization action that outcomes from adding various specialists. Utilizing a lightweight, moving objective security arrangement is critical to getting this fragile equilibrium right.

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Posted time:Aug 10, 2022 15:29 PM
  1. Do not reuse passwords. If a data breach ever leaks one of your accounts the attacker could gain access to other accounts using your reused passwords.
  2. Use company-provided authentication measures such as a password manager or Identity Access Management (IAM) solution.
  3. Do not leave passwords in an insecure location such as a post-it note, journal, or unencrypted text file.
  4. Do not share your passwords or accounts with anyone, not even your coworkers. Every employee must have their own unique login credentials so that their activity can be accurately monitored and managed by the IT department.
  5. Make long and simple passwords. Think of your password as more of a passphrase. Use a series of unrelated words to create long, simple passwords rather than short and complex ones. Passphrases are easier for you to remember and harder for attackers to brute force or guess.
  6. Leverage the most secure multi-factor authentication method available to you such as an authenticator app; avoid knowledge-based MFA as these methods are vulnerable to being disclosed via social engineering and open source intelligence.

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