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[Share]an error caused me $800 in a few days without even starting to use the product

More Posted time:Jul 10, 2016 14:15 PM
What shall I do?

I signed up as a new user a few days ago and started to set up a few instances. For one instance, partially I didn't really understand the different fee structure for data transfer and bandwidth - there is no indication stating the likely fee charge for bandwidth, furthermore, there is also no statement saying that the fee will be imposed no matter I use the instance or not. Then after a few days I set up the instance, I randomly checked the bill management tab and was appalled by the amount of charge I saw - a price tag of US$800 which keeps creeping up while I was reporting this situation to the technical support. The communication was back and force (I didn't see a customer service number to call, can only communicate through messages). During this time, the fee continues growing.

As a new customer who hasn't started to use the product yet, I am already charged for US$1,000. Is this a reasonable price tag for using Aliyun ECS? Yes it's true you could say bandwidth costs more and it's you who chose a more expensive solution, BUT, shall Aliyun reminded me of the likely significantly high fee structure in the first place? Doing business with customer has to be fair. I feel unfair for me to spend US$1,000 without really starting to use the service.