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What to do when Alibaba Cloud ECS cannot be accessed remotely

More Posted time:Jul 8, 2016 14:33 PM
What to do when Alibaba Cloud ECS cannot be accessed remotely and even snapshot rollback in case of system failure does not work?
A user of Alibaba Cloud ECS needed some help the other day, saying the server cannot be connected remotely!! The reason was that this customer had asked an Internet user in a certain online group to help configure the environment!
This quad-core 4 GB ECS has a 240 GB data disk! This Internet user stored forum data directly on Drive C!!  
So here comesthe problem.Let's take a look at the screenshot of ticket first:

Problem 1: Both the server and Alibaba Cloud's Management Console cannot be accessed remotely!

Once the ticket was submitted, Alibaba Cloud Aftersales offered several solutions but none of them seemed to work!!

In the end, I figured that probably the system failed, because remote connection still did not work even when I rolled back to the oldest snapshot!
At this point, it seemed that there were no other options.。。。。。。
However, Alibaba Cloud's Apsara system is so powerful that I felt that it was still possible to recover the data!!
This system allows users to mount snapshots!! LOL.

After I reset the system disk, Alibaba Cloud's engineer helped me load the snapshot backup! Then I mounted the snapshot!  

Next I mounted the home directory of the 240G data disk before migrating data from /mnt directory to /home directory!
Then I re-configured the environment and restored the data. Soon everything was done!

I shared it because I hoped that it would save some time and effort for users who happen to be struck in similar circumstances in the future. It could take very long to get your problem resolved by submitting a ticket. !
Users who store MySQL data on Drive C should pay close attention to this!!!
Please never ask an Internet user to help you configure the environment!

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Posted time:Jul 11, 2016 15:25 PM
If we have already store MySQL data on Drive C,  Is it possible to migrate the data to other Drives ?

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Posted time:Jul 13, 2016 13:00 PM
Thank you for your careful interpretation, before i search much from the Internate, it save much time for me!
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