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[Share][Tutorial] Virtual Host and Light ECS Operations Guide

More Posted time:Jul 7, 2016 17:06 PM
[Tutorial] Virtual Host and Light ECS Operations Guide
Dear virtual host/Light ECS users:
In order for you to quickly and effectively use virtual hosts and Light ECS to get your websites up and running in a short time, we provide this Host Operations Guide for your reference.

1. Host Usage Method:
First, to manage hosts, log into and go to Member Login > My Hosts > Manage. Reset the host password.
Tips: To ensure information security, HiChina does not provide initial passwords.

Step 1: Get the host information.  
Step 2: Upload website files;   upload database information;   file website record.  
Step 3: Debug the website.
Step 4: Resolve the domain name;      bind the website domain name.
Step 5: The Website is created successfully.

2. Host Management and Operations:
1. If your host's website cannot be accessed normally, refer to the [Website Access FAQs].
2. For Host Management Console usage assistance and FAQs, refer to [Host Management Console Usage Assistance] and [Host Management Console FAQs].
3. Host resources will be released 15 days after expiration, by which time all website data will be erased. For information about the renewal process, please refer to [Host Renewal Process].
4. For how to upgrade your host or change the OS, please refer to [Host Upgrade Process] and [Host OS Replacement Process].
If your website is hosted by another service provider, please refer to the instructions below:
1. How can I migrate my website to a HiChina host?
Step 1: Move your website files:
On the console of your current service provider, compress your website files into an archive and download the archive to your local computer. Use FTP to upload the archive to the HiChina host space. Then, decompress the archive on the HiChina console and migrate the files to your website's root directory using the FTP software.  
Step 2: Move your databases:
Help for the migration of SQLServer databases
For MySQL databases, go to the HiChina console and use the database migration tool's (DMS) sql file import function to import the data.

2. I have already registered my website, but I want to switch to a HiChina host. How should I file the record?
1) If you have already registered your domain name through another service provider and now want to use an Alibaba Cloud server, you must submit an application for Transfer Record Filing.
▪   Transfer Record Filing Process
▪   After you submit a transfer record filing application, your application will remain in the initial review status for about 7 hours. After this, you can direct your domain name to the Alibaba Cloud server (you can also direct it to the server of your original service provider) and then complete the rest of the process.
▪   Why do I need to register the transfer? Please see

3. My website's top-level domain is already filed with another service provider. Can I direct the second-level domain name to a HiChina host?
If your domain name has already been filed through another service provider and you want to use Alibaba Cloud servers for your second-level domain names, you must submit a Transfer Record Filing application for the top-level domain name. Transfer Record Filing Process

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Links directly route into the help page,  but cannot get the special related to page, user-friendly.