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[Share][New User Guide] Personal Experience: Difficulties Faced by New Users When Buying Hosts

More Posted time:Jul 7, 2016 16:05 PM
[New User Guide] Personal Experience: Difficulties Faced by New Users When Buying Hosts
Users new to Alibaba Cloud will certainly want to take advantage of its 5-day free trial.
In fact, I think that Alibaba Cloud does not even really need to offer this free trial. It is so good, so fast, and so stable that, as soon as users try it, they will want to purchase the product.
It would be better just to buy the product right away, file records to immediately experience the benefits of Alibaba Cloud's professional cloud products and exponentially increase your website traffic!

For the benefit of users new to Alibaba Cloud, I have sorted out the material below:

What ECS Configuration Suits Me?

If you do not have an existing website and have just purchased this product, I recommend that you first buy a low configuration and then upgrade the product if the configuration is insufficient.
If you initially buy a high configuration and then discover that its performance exceeds your needs, you can downgrade the host configuration
For new buyers, the 1-core, 1 GB@2 Mbps host configuration is a good choice.
If you already have a website with relatively low traffic, you can choose the 690 low-end configuration and 10 GB data disk.

Should I Select the Qingdao or Hangzhou Region?
The Hangzhou region is in the East China region.
The Qingdao region is in the North China region.
If most of the visitors to your site are from northern China, choose Qingdao, otherwise choose Hangzhou!
Personally, I think that, as both the Hangzhou and Qingdao region use a BGP multi-line machine room, their quality is similar. The only difference is the location.
By default, the free trial machines use the East China Hangzhou region.

Should I select Linux or Windows?
If your site uses PHP, this is not an issue; you have to select Linux.
For less than 2 GB of memory, select Centos 32-bit 5.4, for more than 2 GB of memory, select Centos 64-bit 6.3.
If your website uses ASP, select Windows 2003.
Most of the new users I know are not very familiar with Linux operations.
In fact, I used to be like that too. I did not know how to use Linux, but now I can use it quite well.
The reason is simple. There is something called the control panel that provides a lot of help to users new to Linux.
You do not have to set anything or spend time doing anything. You can install it with just a few simple commands.
Then, you can perform all site operations through the control panel, such as site creation, decompression, system restarts, and port security operations.
You can do everything on the control panel. It is just as simple as using a virtual host!
What Is the First Thing to Do After Getting a Host?
After installing the host system, you will receive a text message or email containing the public network IP address and host password
Then, you can set up the host environment.
Linux Host Environment Configuration for WDCP Control Panel
First, you must learn how to connect to Linux hosts. For more details, refer to the official instructions: Remote Server Connection for Linux.
Run the following three commands to install the WDCP control panel.
First, use the command used to install the WDCP RPM package.
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1.    wget http://down.wdlinux.cn/in/lanmp_wdcp_ins.sh

Then, execute it.
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1.    sh lanmp_wdcp_ins.sh

Wait about 10-20 minutes for the installation to be complete and then run the attach data disk command.
This will attach the WWW folder in WDCP to the data disk.
The automatic attach command is show below:
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1.    sh /www/wdlinux/tools/wdcp_disk_xvdb.sh

Finally, access http://ip:8080. The default account is admin and the default password is wdlinux.cn.
Change the default MySQL password, manage your passwords, and modify ports 8080 and 22. That's all!

It's that simple! You can set up your Linux system with just three commands and then manage your host using the WDCP control panel.
Windows Environment Configuration
Window2003 IIS, MySQL, PHP, and Zend environment configuration
Windows 2008 one-click web environment installation

Website Testing and Access
At this time, you will discover that you cannot access the website using either the domain name or the IP address.
This is because Alibaba Cloud will allow access to the host only after you file a record at http://aliyun.gein.cn/
Now you can access and call the website using several access methods.

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Posted time:Jul 11, 2016 14:09 PM
About environment configuration, can you give me a more detailed link?

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Posted time:Jul 11, 2016 15:03 PM
This Guide is helpful for me to understand Alibaba Cloud more clear.

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Posted time:Jul 11, 2016 15:11 PM
Good article

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Posted time:Jul 11, 2016 15:12 PM
Blanche:This Guide is helpful for me to understand Alibaba Cloud more clear.回到原帖

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Posted time:Jul 11, 2016 15:22 PM
Very clear.