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[Share][Valuable Advice] Beginners' Guide: How to Position, Create, and Operate Your New Website

More Posted time:Jul 6, 2016 16:37 PM
[Valuable Advice] Beginners' Guide: How to Position, Create, and Operate Your New Website

The following content is drawn from my decade of experience in the industry. I have operated websites and assisted companies in operations and promotional activities. Currently, I am operating websites on behalf of two transnational enterprises. This article is based on my personal experiences and the lessons I have learned. While my advice may not be suitable for all entrepreneurs, I hope it can help resolve some issues for at least a few beginners.
To continue, I will share my ideas on positioning, creation, and operation in turn:

1: Positioning (Positioning is the most important thing for a website, and the same is true in other scenarios. Here, I will give examples to illustrate this concept, so that you can look at it from different perspectives.)
In the current era, a new website must have an extremely clear and well-defined position, which cannot be vague or too broad.

1) Interest:  
First, the content of the website must be of interest to the webmaster himself. If you only look at the commercial value of this project but have no interest in the content, the project certainly would not progress well.
You will be more willing to deeply explore the project only when you are interested. By increasing your understanding of the project, you will grasp more information to boost your chance of success.

2) Professionalism:  
It is best to match the positioning of a website with your professional strengths. For example, if you have worked in cosmetics for twenty years, but now want to run a site for industrial products, your chance of success would be inevitably slim. This is easy to understand. However, I have seen many people commit this error in their rush to create a website and end up in failure.

3) Resources:  
Resources mainly come under two categories:
i: Financial Resources: First, you must consider the funds you have on hand and the size of the project you can develop with these funds.  
For example, if you have 10,000 RMB on hand and want to create a social network website, it appears that, using an Alibaba Cloud server at 1,000 RMB per year, you have more than enough for website operations without incurring any other costs.
However, you mus be aware that even if you can operate the site, that does not necessarily mean you will be able to take it to the next level. Simply running the site is not enough – that is doomed to failure.
ii: Available Resources in your Network of Contacts: Why do we need to qualify contact resources with the word 'available'?
Let me give an example. I have lot of friends telling me they want to start such and such a project. I always ask them if they have a network of relationships. They will then give me names of the people they know, who are experts in this field!
But...。 Will they help you? Why should they help you? If they do not help you, what is the use of your network of contacts?
Even if some people are ready to help you, you must analyze what exactly they can help you with. Then, you have to perform an overall evaluation to see to what extent your network of available contacts can assist you.

By combining these three points, interest, professionalism, and resources, you can position your site in a well-defined market segment. This is also the positioning method I would recommend to you all. By starting in a well-defined field, not only will you be able to carry out targeted promotions, reducing the work you need to do and capital you need to invest, but you will also be able to focus on one direction and make significant progress along this line.
2: Creation
1) Domain Name Selection:  
Before creating your website, you must think up a domain name. The domain name should be selected based on the positioning of your site. The first thing that makes a good domain name is that it is easy to remember. A short domain name is always good, but only considering the length may lead you to select a domain name that users cannot recognize and understand, so the result may not turn out good. Many people have shared their experience regarding this issue online, so you can simply search for advice on Baidu. Therefore, I will not go into more detail here.

2) Program Selection:  
Here, I am going to talk about program selection, not program development.  
For a startup business or website, it is best to minimize investment. At present, there are many commercial and open source programs to choose from. The majority will be able to satisfy your needs with just slight adjustments. Therefore, you do not have to show off your technical skills by writing all your code from scratch. If you want to develop a new site from the ground up, you will need 3 programmers working for two months. Over these two months, you will have to pay out tens of thousands yuan in wages with nothing much to show for it. What is the point there?  

3) Repetitive Work:  

I have to say this...。。 Creating a website can be a very tough decision for many people. In fact, the sticking point is poor site positioning. It is not uncommon that some people would create a website one day and change it the next, or even later the same day, resulting in a great waste of money. It is unwise to simply think of something you would like to do and immediately try to do it. You must first position your site well before starting to create it.  

4) Unnecessary Things:  

I have often seen friends get too involved in security considerations or the logo when creating their websites. Of course, I am not saying that these issues are not important, but they are simply not the most important issues at the present stage. To give one example concerning security issues, some people worry that granting 777 permission to a directory is too permissive and will lead to security risks. They may spend half a week pondering over this issue. No one is coming to your site, you have no content, yet you are worried about cyberattacks?  
If you use Alibaba Cloud servers, after configuring your security settings based on my advice given in Article 2, you can set aside this issue for now and concentrate on making your website. Security issues can gradually be dealt with, as can the interface design work.  

5) Timing:  
Timing is a very subtle thing. It means having everything ready to enter the market at the most favorable moment.  
Many of my friends would say: I think this project will fare well, so I want to be the first to enter the market and seize the opportunity.  
This thinking is not wrong in itself. However, what if you are the first to enter a market that takes three more years to develop well? This means you may not be able to make enough profits to support yourself over these three years. Do you have enough funds and resources to support yourself for three years? If you only have enough funds to survive six months or a year, you will not be the first to seize the opportunity by entering the market. You simply will be the first to enter and fail in this market.
3: Operation (This is a very broad topic, so I will only give a very basic introduction here. This will help you to make further studies.)  
In certain corporate departments, the word "operations" generally refers to operations management. For example, this Alibaba Cloud Forum has the structure Administrators -- Moderators -- Discussions. Thus, management requires a hierarchy and staff.  
At present, though I will not say it is impossible for a single person to manage a website or company well, I think it is very unlikely.  
Currently, the majority of sophisticated business programs have very finely defined administrative levels and permissions. This helps the founder allocate various permissions, so that the entire staff can work together to operate the website properly.  
However, this point is ignored by many people.  

Website Operation Includes Three Main Components: Data, Management, and Promotion  
1) Data  
For a conventional website, data security is the most important thing. In terms of security, you should always be one step ahead, as there is no such thing as an absolutely safe website.
Therefore, we must do our best to improve our server and program security, while creating as many backups as possible in case of an emergency.  
2) Management  
Daily website management is a very time-consuming task. As we are talking about management, this will involve strategies for using your staff.
Some people are hard-working, but untalented, and others are talented but lazy. Many people think that they can make use of the first group, but not the second. However, this is not the case. As long as you use people of the second type in the right place, they will prove useful.  
3) Promotion
Currently, there are many articles and books about promotion available on the Internet. This is knowledge you can and must acquire.
However, no existing promotion plan will perfectly suit you, as it was not initially tailored to your project.  
You must learn the available information on promotion plans so that you can draw upon the promotion approaches and methods employed by others. However, in the end, you must create a new promotion plan based on your own situation.  
If you want your new website or project to stand out, you must often develop innovative ways. If you follow in the footsteps of others, you will always be a step behind.  
To explore these issues in depth, you will have to think it over carefully.

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you can provide more info?

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Very rough. Info is not clear.