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[Share]Alibaba Cloud Record Filing FAQ

More Posted time:Jul 6, 2016 12:35 PM
Alibaba Cloud Record Filing FAQ
Record filing is required if you want to use an Alibaba Cloud host domain name. If you already have a filing No., access service provider (SP) record filing must be performed before your domain name resumes accessible. Preliminary record filing requires that you shut down access to your website domain name. This is not required for an access SP record filing. (Note: If you have filed HiChina as the access SP in your record, you can use a Alibaba Cloud server without performing access SP record filing again.)

1.Is Record Filing Difficult? How Long Does it Take?
A: As long as you follow the specified procedures and submit correct materials, record filing should not be a problem. It takes 1-2 work days for Alibaba Cloud to perform a preliminary review and 1-15 work days for the CA. Generally, you will get your record filing No. in about 20 days. There are many stories of users that received their numbers in about 10 days in Alibaba Cloud forum.

2.What Are the Requirements of a Website Name for Personal Record Filing?
A: The name of a personal website may not contain personal names, place names, national institutions, or publish industry or enterprise information. It cannot be composed of purely letters or numbers and may not contain special characters. A name of more than four Chinese characters is recommended.

3.Does Alibaba Cloud Allow Me One Month Free of Change for Record Filing, Just Like What Other IDCs Do?
A: Alibaba Cloud allows you the time it takes to complete the record filing process free of charge for the initial filing of your website. This is very good for users. The time from your submit of a record filing application to successful filing of the record is provided free of charge and there is no limit to this time.
4.How Many Websites Can a Single Cloud Host File Records for?
A: A single cloud host can apply for 5 record filing service numbers (originally record filing license numbers), one for each record. Thus, a single cloud host can file five records.

5.Is My Website Accessible If I Buy a Server and Resolve the Domain Name to the Server?
A: If you have not performed record filing, the domain name cannot be accessed, but you can access the site through the IP address. Your website can be accessed about six hours later after you submit materials for preliminary review if your domain name has been filed in record but the entity is not yet stored in Alibaba Cloud. (You must complete record filing as soon as possible.)

6.Does Alibaba Cloud Record Filing Require In-person Verification?
A: The CA requires website owners from all regions to perform in-person verification. (Users from Liaoning, Guangdong, Shandong, Ningxia, Tianjin, Henan, Sichuan, Jilin, Anhui, Shanxi, Qinghai, Fujian, Hebei, Zhejiang (enterprise nature), Hainan, Shanghai, or Heilongjiang can apply for record filing screening at the record filing background, that is, an exemption of in-person verification.)

7.What Should I Do If a Prompt Says the Website Cannot Be Accessed After Record Filing Is Successful?
A: This prompt appears because the information has not yet been synchronized, so Aodun still blocks access to the website. You will be able to access the site in a few hours. If, after waiting a long time, you still cannot access the site, please submit a ticket at the background and our staff will promptly deal with the issue.

8.Do I Have to Record Filing Again to Add a New Access SP or a New Domain Name After Alibaba Cloud Record Filing Is Successful?
A: Authenticity verification is not required in any region except for Beijing. Other record filing procedures are the same. Generally, the process is faster than preliminary filing.

9.Can I Use Alibaba Cloud ECS to Host a Forum, Video, or Fiction-Theme Website?
A: Alibaba Cloud places no restrictions on the themes of websites so long as they comply with national laws. If you have any problems with the pre-approval process, search the forum to learn how other users performed record filing.

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