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[Share][Tutorial] Record Filing FAQ

More Posted time:Jul 6, 2016 12:25 PM
[Tutorial] Record Filing FAQ
How Do I File a Record?
There are three types of record filing: Initial Filing, New Access, and New Website
Choose the record filing tutorial you need.  
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How Can I Deregister a Filed Record?
If you need to deregister an Alibaba Cloud domain name that is successfully filed, log into the record filing system and deregister it. Click the Deregister button next to the entity and website information and enter the record filing password to complete the deregistration. You can also fill in the deregistration application form for the same purpose.
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How Long Does It Take to Complete a Record Filing?
It takes time for the Alibaba Cloud and the Communication Administration (CA) to review a record for filing.
Preliminary review and in-person verification: Alibaba Cloud reviews received data within 1 work day.
Upon receiving mailed materials, Alibaba Cloud enters the data within 1 or 2 work days.
The review time required by a CA generally ranging from 3 to 20 work days, depending on your local CA. After the record filing data is submitted to your local CA, the system homepage will show the approximate time required for the CA review.
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Record Filing Service No.
A record filing service No. is assigned to you for product verification after you purchase an Alibaba Cloud product, for example, an ECS instance, an SLB instance, ACE, Elastic Web Hosting service, and site establishment service.
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How Can I Modify My Record Filing Information?
You must submit a change record filing application if you wish to modify your record filing data or file a new domain name for an filed entity after your record filing is successful at Alibaba Cloud.
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Verification Form Issues

During uploading materials, you can download the Authenticity Verification Form from the uploading page. When filling out this form, pay careful attention to the examples on the page.
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Do I Need to File a Record for My Domain Hosted by a Server Located in Hong Kong, U.S. or Singapore?
Currently, record filing is only required for websites with domain names that direct to servers located in mainland China. If your domain name directs to a server in a region out of mainland China, you do not need to file a record and can directly resolve the domain name to make the website available.
What Materials Are Required for Record Filing?
The materials required for record filing vary with provinces.
Please check with your local CA for required materials.
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Why Am I Indicated That Record Filing Is Not Supported for My Domain Name Suffix?
All domain name suffixes are not supported for record filing. Record filing is permitted for domain names with suffixes indexed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). For whether or not a domain name suffix is indexed,
log onto the MIIT website at, click "Public Query" in the bottom-right corner, and then click "Domain Name Type".
How Do I Revoke a Record Which the Review Is Ongoing?
Click the "Revoke Record Filing" button on the system homepage if your record has passed the preliminary review but not yet proceed to the subsequent steps. You will have to submit a ticket or call the customer service hotline at 4006008500-3 to apply for revocation if you have applied for record filing screening or passed the in-person verification. The application cannot be manually revoked on the website.

Why Does the System Shows Materials to Be Sent After the Materials Have Been Mailed and Signed For?

It generally takes 1-2 work days to enter received materials into the system and this may be delayed due to holidays. Once your materials are entered into the system and reviewed, your application status will change. Please be patient and pay attention to status change.
Can the Website Be Accessed Normally during the Record Filing Period?
1. Initial Filing: Domain names not filed cannot be accessed on the Internet. If your domain name is not accessible, perform record filing.
2. Change Record Filing: During the change record filing period, access to domain names with filed records is not affected, but the website content must be consistent with the record filing entity.
3. Access Record Filing: When an access request submitted in the Alibaba Cloud record filing system is in the preliminary review status, the website can be accessed in about seven hours. If your record filing fails the review by the CA, make necessary changes according to the cause of failure and resubmit the materials.
Do I Need to Perform Record Filing If I Change the Server?
No if you have successfully filed a record at Alibaba Cloud (for non-commercial purposes) and you are switching to any other Alibaba Cloud server. The domain name will be directly resolved.
But yes if you are switching to a server of another provider. You must transfer your record filing information to your new provider. For details regarding the transfer process, contact your new server provider.
Why Is My Website Unaccessible Even If the Record Filing Is Successfully Completed Today?
If you confirm that your domain name has been successfully filed a record at Alibaba Cloud filing system and has passed the review by the CA on that particular day, but your website still displays the 'record not filed' error page, you will have to wait about seven hours for the record filing data to be synchronized. You can log into the system to check the record filing success time.  

Can a Record Filing Account Have More Than One Entity?
One login account signed up at the record filing system corresponds to a single record filing entity. If you have more entities to be submitted for record filing, you must sign up more new login accounts.

What Is the Difference Between Public Security Filing and Commercial Filing?
Public security filing applications can be submitted at For commercial filing, consult your local CA.
It is suggested that you submit an online ticket with your domain name and server IP address on Alibaba Cloud to obtain the information you need (such as the machine room address or access provider name) from our support team.