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General Information About Record Filing
1. What Is Website Record Filing and Why Is It Necessary?
In order to standardize Internet information services and activities and promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet information services, China implements a licensing system for commercial Internet information services and a record filing system for non-commercial Internet information services based on the regulations in State Council Order No. 292 "Measures on Internet Information Services" and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Order No. 33 "Measures on Administration of Filing of Non-commercial Internet Information Services". Without obtaining a license or performing record filing procedures, persons may not engage in Internet information services. Otherwise, such behavior is in violation of the law. MIIT official record filing website:
2. Record Filing Operation Flowchart
If you have not initiated a record filing application for your certificate No. and domain name, please first register as a member and then submit the record filing materials online. If you have already filed, use the new website service. Customers that have already filed records shall not register a new account.
After logging in, follow the system prompts to submit real-name authentication documents. Then, submit record filing materials and wait for them to be reviewed. Record filing generally takes about 10-20 work days.

3. Guide for Adding Websites to Filed Records
If you have already successfully completed record filing before purchasing a new domain name, you just need to click "Modify Filed Records" and add the new domain name or website to the existing record filing materials. (During modification, your local Communication Administration (CA) may require you to mail in the original verification form)
4. Guide for Handling a Record Filing Failure
If your materials fail the review, Alibaba will notify you via email or text message. Please make sure the phone number and email address in your member information are correct. You can also promptly log into the system and click Record Filing Status to view the progress of your application. If your application has been returned for modification, modify the materials based on the reason for return and resubmit them.
5. How Do I Get a Domain Name Certificate?
Note: If your domain name was not registered by Alibaba, please contact your domain name service provider and have them provide your domain name certificate.
To get a certificate for a domain name registered at Alibaba:
Go to Administration Center->Business Administration->Domain Name Service, and print out the domain name certificate.
6. Considerations for Filling out the Website Owner (Entity) during Record Filing
If the website is personally owned, enter your name. If it is owned by a company, enter the company name.
7. Considerations for Filling out the Website Name during Record Filing
If your website is for a company: Enter the full website name of at least 3 Chinese characters; the website name cannot contain a personal name. If your website is for an individual: Enter the full website name of at least 3 Chinese characters which describe the website's content and nature. It cannot contain any personal name or company name.
8. Considerations for Uploading Real-name Authentication Materials during Record Filing
Photo requirements: 1) Full-face and bareheaded; 2) Single color background; 3) Color photo of at least 800 pixels; and 4) Half-length
In the scanned copy of the authenticity verification form, you must check the relevant items after printing it, not just sign it! All items must be checked, otherwise it will be returned! For more information, see examples .
9. Do I Need to Mail the Original Copy of each Verification Form? Where Do I Mail It to?
Some CAs require you to send the original document by express delivery and others allow you upload it online. After submitting all record filing materials, follow the instructions given by the system.
10. Why Did I Receive This Text Message from the MIIT: 'Your Filing Materials Have Been Changed Consult your Access Service Provider for Details.'
The MIIT will notify the website owner via a text message if the record filing fails for the website owner's new or modified information. Also, if your filing involves multiple access providers and access services are canceled by one of them, the system will send you a notification via text message. If your access service has already been transferred from service provider A to service provider B, it is normal that service provider A would cancel your access service. This will not affect record filing.
Note that the data in our record filing system is not updated in real time. Therefore, it may take up to 24 hours from when you receive the text message until you can query your latest record filing status in our system and the MIIT's system.

1. How to Perform Record Filing
Record filing process:
Step 1: Fill in and submit record filing information online.
Step 2: Authenticity verification; generally you need to go to the specified location for photo verification.
Step 3: After we review your materials, we will mail the verification materials to the provincial CA for review.
Step 4: After the materials pass review by the CA, they will issue a filing No. and record filing is completed successfully.
2. Record Filing Considerations
1. Considerations for filling out record filing information online:
(1) During record filing, the name of the website owning company shall exactly match the name on the certificate.
(2)For company websites, please file records using the name of the company. An individual may not file records for a company website and the name of company A may not be used to file records for the website of company B. Once such a situation is found, the process shall be canceled or the materials shall be returned for modification.
(3) The entered phone number must be accurate and effective. If the phone number does not exist or you cannot be reached through the number, the record filing information shall be considered false and the process shall be canceled for the materials returned for modification.
(4) The record filing address must include the province, city, district, street, street number, unit, floor, and office number. Do not just enter a general place name.
(5) During record filing, the website name cannot be a personal name, website domain name, or all-English name. Non-state-owned companies shall not use China, Chinese, or similar titles. Personal website names shall not involve place names. The website name shall describe the site's theme.
2. Considerations for filling out the website record filing information authenticity verification form ('verification form'):
(1) The verification form must be filled out with a black signature pen or fountain pen and may not be altered. If you accidentally make a mistake, fill in a new form.
(2) The verification form must be printed on a sheet of A4 paper and may not use multiple pages. If the domain name is too long to fit, you may attach a single page listing the complete domain name. For adding new websites/domain names, you must note which are new and which have already been filed. (The attached page must be signed and stamped)
(3) a. Verification qualifications: For company websites, just select the company certificate type and ID card used in filing
For personal websites, just select ID card
b. If you did not enter a landline number during record filing, leave the landline field blank on the verification form and do not check it. c. Preapproval and special approval documents: If not used, select No. If you have performed preapproval, select the relevant approval content and mail copies of the approval materials together with the verification form.
d. Website director signature: For company record filing, the person in charge of the website must sign the form before it is stamped with the company seal.
3. If the record filing information changes in any way, it must be submitted to the CA for another review. In general, do your best not to alter the record filing information.
4. A single virtual host can only file records for one website. Up to 15 domain names can be submitted under a single website.
A single independent server/VPS/cloud host can file records for up to 10 websites. Up to 15 domain names can be submitted under a single website.
3. Record Filing FAQ
1. Have You Received My Verification Form Sent via Express Delivery?
A: After mailing the verification form by express delivery, use your record filing username and password to log into the system and enter the express delivery number and the number of verification form copies in the record filing status area. To check if we have received the verification form, log in and click Record Filing Status. If it says "Filing Stage: Waiting for Delivery of Your Verification Form! ", this indicates we have not yet received your verification form. In this case, please wait patiently until it is delivered. If the status is "Filing Stage: Waiting to Mail to CA", this indicates we have received your verification form and are preparing to mail the materials to the CA. In this case, you just have to wait. If, on the express delivery company website, you see that the delivery has been signed for while the status in our system has not been updated, this is because we receive many verification forms each day and it may take us some time to process them. Generally, we will sort and process your verification form within 2 work days after signing for the delivery.
2. After Submitting Materials, Where Can I See the Record Filing Progress?
A: Log into the system using your username and password and click "Record Filing Status". Common statuses:
★"Filing Stage: In this status you should send us your verification form via express delivery and promptly enter the express delivery No. in the system. Then, please wait patiently.  
★"Filing Stage: Returned to Owner for Modification". This status indicates that there are problems with your record filing information and you must modify it based on our instructions and then resubmit.
★"Filing Stage: Waiting to Mail to CA". This status indicates that we have received your verification form and will soon send it to the CA for review. You just need to wait.
★"Review Stage: Review Passed". This status indicates that record filing has been completed successfully and you do not have to worry about record filing issues anymore.
3. How Long Does Record Filing Take?
A: Because the MIIT system has recently been upgraded, the filing process has been changed, and they have implemented a new verification method, the record filing review process has been slow recently. The CAs will perform the review within 20 days of receiving the verification form.
For new record filing submissions, modifications of record filing materials, adding domain names to filed records, record filing transfers, and other review processes, the CAs will issue their response within about 20 work days.
4. How Do I Transfer Filed Records?  
A: You must provide the filing No., filing password, and your FTP name and password for our system. After submitting this information, your transfer review status will be displayed. Record filing transfers do not take place immediately. The CA will review your transfer application within 20 work days. Please keep track of the status.
5. What Is a Filing Password?
A: After you successfully perform record filing, the MIIT system will automatically send a filing password to the cell phone number and email address you entered during filing. This password is used to modify the record filing access provider or to cancel the filed record. To modify your password, go to Change Filing Password in the bottom-right corner of the MIIT website at
6. Why Is the Status Still 'Under Review' After I Received the Record Filing Successful Text Message?
A: After you receive this message, it will take us about 2 hours to update the status in our system. Because the record filing system is not currently updated in real time, it takes about 2-24 hours from the end of the record filing review for access providers to update your status on their record filing platforms.
7. I filed with the MIIT When using Another Access Service Provider. Then I Purchased a New Domain Name and Website Host from You. How Do I Perform Record Filing? Will There Be a Conflict?
A: A single company can only use one record filing entity for the MIIT. If you have already filed records, simply add the new domain name to the existing record filing account. You can add the domain name on our record filing platform.
After logging onto Alibaba Cloud record filing platform, the Add Record Filing area will show the prompt: Has the Entity Filed Records with Another Company? Click here to add the website.
8. What Does the Notification that Inventory Websites Must Complete Verification Before September 30 Mean? Do I Also Need to Mail the Verification Form?
A: At present, websites that completed record filing prior to June 20, 2010 do not have to mail in the original verification form. You just need to upload a scanned copy of your ID, a photo of the website owner, and the information security management agreement. If the relevant authorities put out new requirements, we will notify you.
If the record filing materials have changed, you must submit materials according to the current requirements of the provincial CA.
9. When I Click 'Modify Record Filing', I Am Told I Have to Upload the Materials for the Previous Website Director, but the Previous Website Director Has Left the Company. What Materials Should I Provide?
A: First, you need to upload the materials for the current website director. Then, modify the record filing materials. The information of the new website director will be shown.
10. Why Can’t I Claim My Filed Record as a User Already Registered?
A: On our record filing platform, you can only claim filed records in which we are listed as the access provider. If you cannot claim your record, this is because we are not the access provider in the filed record. In this case, you can transfer the filed record to us.
11. How Do I File a Record for a Chinese Domain Name? Should I Use the Internet Keyword?
A: For Chinese domain names, record filing is only performed for the Chinese part, not for the transcoded part. An Internet keyword is not a domain name, and it is not directly bound to the host. Record filing is not necessary for an Internet keyword.

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