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ECS: Cannot upgrade hard-disk size after purchase

More Posted time:Mar 24, 2016 21:13 PM

We have subscribed for one month to Aliyun Cloud to test the ECS.

First, we wrongly bought a server with "pay by Bandwidth" option.
So we wanted to change to "pay by Traffic".
The support told us we cannot change.

So we bought a second server.
Now we decide to increase the size of the subscribed Cloud Disk.
But we cannot see any option to increase this space.
Actually we can't see nowhere the "upgrade" button mentioned in the documentation to change CPU, memory, disk space...

Please, how can we upgrade the configuration after purchase?


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Posted time:Mar 25, 2016 11:54 AM
So the support confirms that after purchasing a ECS, the configuration is STUCK.
You can not change anything:

dev*** : Hello,
Could you please tell us how to upgrade our configuration ?
We need to increase our disk space.
03-25-2016 09:31:52

Support Engineer : Your problem has been received. We will look into it as soon as possible. Thank you.03-25-2016 09:34:44
Support Engineer : Dear Customer,

We don't support to extend the size of system disk. But you can buy another data disk and mount it to you system.
The link to buy:
Note: please buy the same region with your ECS.
Thanks03-25-2016 11:06:19

dev*** : Hello Sir,

In your website purchasing documentation, you write that we can upgrade after purchase:
check here:
This is the purpose of Elastic Cloud Server.

I do not mind to buy a new Hard Dish for the moment.
But when we bought the ECS, the price for additional 200 GB is 19 USD / month ( check buy1 & buy2 attached screenshots )
And if I buy additional Had Dish now, as you suggest, I only can buy per hour and the price is 0.04*24*31 = 29.76 USD / month

Can you tell me how I can buy additional disk per month ?

ps: in the future you must find a way to let us change our configuration if we need ( more memory, faster CPU ) as you promote it.