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[Others]What's the best cloud infrastructure for magento?

More Posted time:Jan 24, 2016 4:52 AM
Does anyone familiar with magento deployment on cloud. Currently, I have a magento site on VPS. I want to transfer it onto cloud. Can anyone provide me some hints on magento cloud infrastruture? Also, Majority of customers will be from mainland china. If I set up my site in Hong kong, is the page loading speeding acceptable (2s~3s)?


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Posted time:Aug 2, 2016 11:08 AM
The network type varies with ECS functions and it is unrelated to the public network access quality offered by providers. All providers' network access services use BGP lines. You can select a network type according to your needs.
Classic network: IP addresses are allocated in a unified manner by Alibaba Cloud. They are easy to configure and convenient to use, and suitable for users who need to use ECS in an easy and fast manner.
Virtual Private Cloud(VPC): It is a logically isolated private network. Users can customize network topologies and IP addresses. Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) supports private lines. Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) is suitable for users familiar with network management.

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Posted time:Aug 8, 2016 18:44 PM
I think it is better hosted in Mainland China,you know there are heavy congestion on the peak hour through international between Mainland China and HK,but for classic or VPC ,it is all most the same for user experience ,VPC just is more security and flexible for network architecture