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A Guide on image migration to HK region

More Posted time:Jan 8, 2016 11:46 AM
Image migration to HK region is not quite ready, and currently Aliyun team should be involved to help pull the image file to HK region.
Step overview

1. Generate Aliyun image file.
2. upload the image file to OSS (or you may also share it on FTP), share the download link to Aliyun team).
3. Aliyun team will pull the image file to HK region and generate the image file for you.
4. Create ECS instance(VM) on top of self-defined image.
Step 1
We offer a tool called p2v to pre-check whether migration works on Aliyun

1) Environment check

Notes:OS Version:  only Linux supported
Processor type: only Intel x86 supported
Pv driver: xen required
SELinux not supported. Make sure you have disabled SELinux before migration      
2) Generate raw image

Stop all apps before migration.
We will output the target image’s full path at the end.

3) Convert to Aliyun image file

Step 2
2) logon alicloud console to import the image on oss  to the defined account and region.
3) create ECS instance using the user-defined image
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Thanks for your message.
- HK ppl.