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AliCloud CDN Glossary

More Posted time:Jan 8, 2016 11:14 AM

Related Glossary

domain name

Internet domain name is the name of a server or a network system on the network in the world, there is no repeat of the domain name.

CNAME record

It is an alias record (Canonical Name); when the query name CNAME DNS system when the left will turn again to the right of the name CNAME query, has been traced to the last PTR or A name, will respond after a successful inquiry otherwise fail.

CNAME domain

After accelerating the need to use the CDN domain CNAME record, Ali cloud console configuration CDN acceleration, you'll get an accelerated domain, called CNAME name (the name must be * .alikunlun.com), the user needs to After your own domain name for CNAME pointing to this * .alikunlun.com domain name, domain name resolution work officially turned Ali cloud, all requests for this domain will be turned aliyun CDN nodes.


That DNS Domain Name System, is the meaning of the domain name resolution services to its role in the Internet is: translates domain names become network can identify ip address. People used to remember domain name, but only recognize each other between machines IP address, between domain names and IP addresses is one to one conversion work between them as domain name resolution, DNS name resolution required by a dedicated server to complete the entire the process is automatic.
For example: When we entered the Internet www.baidu.com automatically converted into

Edge node

Also known as CDN node, Cache node and the like; is a relative concept for the complex structure of the network and the proposed end-user access refers to the distance with fewer network nodes intermediate links, to the end user access to better responsiveness and connection speed.

Cache Cache

Refers to frequently use and access of data or content stored on a specific device or area, thereby enhancing the performance and speed of data access in the Internet technology usually refers to web cacache, its role is to access a large amount of web content and the object is stored in a special cache on the server front-end equipment, in order to improve the speed and quality of the site visit.

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