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[products]need a help to build up magento web

More Posted time:Sep 30, 2017 18:39 PM
HI there,
recently, I am trying to follow the instruction to build a magento web and got stuck.  what i have done is that I've bought ECS and also built LAMP in my ubuntu system(I have to say the instruction of build lamp has many mistakes like it says user need to download or upadate php5  but actually, software source is already updated to php 7.0 in ubuntu system). anyway, back to point, when i downloaded the magento.tar.gz and was going to upload this file to ECS cloud, there is a problem. Do i need to mount the cloud disk to the system and then upload the magento file , or the cloud disk is already mounted to the system when i create ecs instance i only need to directly upload to /dev/vda? (I have tried both ways but failed). Thanks

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Posted time:Nov 2, 2017 22:27 PM
Default the system disk already mounted, so you don't need to mount it, except you add another data disk
you need to check your FTP account whether has write permission upload file to the folder.