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AliCloud CDN Limitations

More Posted time:Jan 8, 2016 11:10 AM


1, complete account Verified account in aliyun official website

2, accelerate the domain name must be filed with the Ministry of completion
1) If you accelerate content (source station) stored in the cloud Ali ECS or OSS, then you need to record information received access Ali cloud.
2) At the same time, as you accelerate content (source station) deployed in non Ali cloud service provider, you only need to complete the record in the Ministry of Industry Ali cloud can be used CDN service

3, all access Ali cloud CDN domain name must be audited and found that any of the following circumstances, Ali cloud CDN does not currently support access
1) Links can not access, such as abc.com www.abc.com or can not be opened, or return 403 or 5xx, temporarily allowed access
2) The game PW, card games, etc., temporarily allowed access
3) vulnerable class site, temporarily allowed access
4) hospital and medical websites, temporarily allowed access
5) The website content illegal include Jurisprudence, drug-related, etc. are not allowed access
6) to have access to Ali cloud CDN domain name will be periodically reviewed, as found in any of the above violations, we will immediately suspend the domain of CDN acceleration, while abort the user name of all CDN services
4, speed up the domain name in the "disabled" state (including "audit did not pass" state) over 30 days, the system will automatically delete the domain name related records; if you need to continue to accelerate the CDN domain name, please re-add the domain name